Sensitivity you can count on

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Ultra-sensitive protein detection


Low maintenance


Flexibility allowing all assay formats eg for home brew development

High sensitivity ligand binding and biomarker detection assays made easy

With the SMCxPRO platform you can now detect extremely low-levels of established disease biomarkers and as a result monitor small changes in protein concentrations to accurately measure biomarkers associated with disease progression. In addition, the small sample volume requirements allow you to conserve valuable samples, reduce program costs and improve productivity. This affordable, fast and compact benchtop instrument allows research labs, including ones on a budget, to access reliable protein detection and expand the quest for drug discovery and development.

Single molecule counting (SMC technology provides maximum immunoassay performance while following a work-flow very similar to traditional ELISA technology. By combining a unique assay elution step and robust digital counting, SMC technology achieves improved signal-to-noise ratios over traditional immunoassay technologies, thus providing quantification at both low and high levels of expression on one
complete system.

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