A complete system for water and bioburden testing designed for pharma QC labs

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Productivity: 50 new features provide fast and secure handling steps.


Reliability of results: Our unique touch-free membrane transfer ensures you can trust your results.


Regulatory compliance: Enhanced traceability, compliance with USP, EP and JP recommendations.

Unmatched comfort in microbial testing with the new Milliflex Oasis® system

We have taken time to closely observe your complete membrane filtration workflow, to identify improvement possibilities and develop, hand-in-hand with users, a solution to simplify and safeguard your microbial testing process. The new Milliflex Oasis® system takes lab productivity to a new level.

The vacuum pump is designed for biosafety cabinets and laminar flow hoods, with a small footprint, low weight and easy to decontaminate surfaces. The funnels standardize handling steps and reduce filtration time thanks to new drainage design.

Our touch-free membrane transfer increases result reliability, independent from the operator. The system comes with color-coded media plates that are designed for perfect contact between membrane and culture media. They are stackable and have a lockable lid for safe transportation.

The new Milliflex Oasis® system has been designed for the current needs of industry and is preparing for the automation of the future.

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