Liquid Transfers in the Nanolitre Range: How to Eliminate Cross-Contamination with Ultrasound

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Precise liquid transfers from 2.5 nl for assay miniaturization and cost savings


Higher data quality & less cross-contamination thanks to revolutionary contactless dispensing


Flexible "any well to any well" transfer in high throughput for highly complex multi-component assays

Acoustic Liquid Handling helps you save reagent costs and process up to 750,000 samples/day

The Echo ADE technology (acoustic droplet dispensing) has revolutionized liquid handling with its contactless, highly precise and fast liquid transfer by means of acoustic energy. The sonic head focuses its ultrasonic energy on the meniscus of the sample to be transferred to eject a stream of tiny droplets (2.5 nl or 25 nl) from the wells of the source microtiter plate and deliver them precisely to an inverted target plate positioned above. The latter may have 384, 1,536 or 3,456 wells - but slides or microfluidic systems are also possible.

Thanks to dynamic liquid analysis, the Echo Acoustic Liquid Handler adapts to different types of liquids in real time - without operator intervention. Manual calibration is unnecessary.

From drug discovery and compound management to genomics, synthetic biology, proteomics, personalized medicine and more, ADE technology helps you achieve more reliable scientific results and save reagent costs.

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