pHast Pack – Ready-to-Use Buffers

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Efficient – Save time, effort and costs


Convenient - Ready for use and accurate without measuring and adjusting


Reproducible - Comprehensive QC testing ensures unparalleled quality and reliability

Buffer prep with no pH adjustment? NO WEIGH!

Buffers are an essential part of laboratory experiments. The pHast Pack™ ready-to-use buffers are specially designed to simplify your work. Simply mix the precisely pre-weighed packets with distilled water for quick results that are reliably reproducible again and again. By saving time, effort and even shelf space, you can focus on more important areas of your research endeavors.

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  • resuspension

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  • running buffers

  • sonication buffers

  • tris borate edta buffers

  • tris acetate edta buffers

  • tris buffered saline buffers

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