More Productivity & Flexibility in mAb Purification: Cycle Times < 5 Min and 20x More Throughput

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Purify proteins rapidly using rapid cycling chromatography. Cycle times are less than 5 minutes compared with hours for chromatography resins.


Achieve high-throughput purification of up to 500 mAbs per week for lead candidate selection and optimization. Every sample has real-time UV, pH, and conductivity detection.


Cut weeks from process development lead times (increase throughput up to 20-fold) and perform a full lifetime study in less than 17 hours.

Fibro chromatography ready to use fiber units

Fibro chromatography, based on electrospun cellulose, offers a large surface area for high binding capacity. The adsorbent has an open structure with high mechanical strength, which allow high flow rates. Residence times are measured in seconds rather than the minutes required for resin-based chromatography.

The proprietary structure of the cellulose fibers in the adsorbent allows Fibro to overcome the diffusional and flow limitations of packed bed chromatography purification, as well as the capacity issues of membrane adsorbers and monoliths.

Ready to use formats

These ready-to-use units are designed for research and early process development and are optimized for screening and optimization of process conditions.

  • Lab scale Fibro PrismA
    DBC ~ 30 mg IgG/mL matrix; typical DBC QB10 ~ 12 mg IgG/unit
    cycle time 3 min; recommended flow rate: ≤16 mL/min
  • Process development scale Fibro PrismA
    DBC ~ 30 mg IgG/mL matrix; typical DBC QB10 ~ 112 mg IgG/unit
    cycle time 5 min; ≤ 30 mL/min

High binding capacity at very short residence times

The macroporosity and large surface area of the Fibro material allow very fast purification with residence times in seconds, not the minutes required with conventional chromatography resins. This means that mAbs can be purified up to 20 times faster than with resin-based chromatography.

A scalable protein A chromatography platform

The Fibro technology platform is designed for scalability up to manufacturing scale and compatibility with existing ÄKTA purification systems. The units will range from research scale to GMP compatible units that can process up to 2000 L bioreactor harvest or 14 kg mAb in one working day by cycling multiple times.

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