High-Speed Cell Sorting. Identify and Sort Cells While Staying Safe.

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

Reduce complexity thanks to validated six-way sorting at up to 70,000 sort decisions/second


Sort cells and microparticles from 200 nm to 30 µm and collect them in separate vessels


Avoid contamination thanks to automatic droplet break-off adjustment & sample rescue in case of failure

Sort up to Six Cell Populations Simultaneously – at up to 70,000 Events/Second

The MoFlo Astrios EQ Cell Sorter is a powerful high-speed cell sorter that processes up to 70,000 cell sorting decisions per second (validated performance) while reducing complexity. This enables you to quickly detect cells and particles and collect them in six separate vessels. You’ll avoid contamination thanks to the beadless automatic droplet break-off adjustment feature (IntelliSort II) and rescue the sorted samples in case of a malfunction (SortRescue). With seven spatially separated lasers, 48 colors and enhanced forward-scatter light detection you’ll succeed, no matter whether your research involves cancer cells, microparticles or microorganisms.

If you need to sort cells and, at the same time, meet high safety standards, the optional Baker SterilGARD Class II Type A2 biological safety cabinet provides maximum safety for your BSL-2 work. In the event of a laminar flow disturbance the system shuts down completely. It also has an aerosol evacuation system that can evacuate the chambers for the samples, for sorting and collection.

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