Scale up Microbial Colony Picking with Automation Solutions Tailored to Unique Workflows

Select the Best Colonies Faster and More Reliably

Conventional picking and screening methods are often laborious when multiple selections are required. The QPix 400 Series of Microbial Colony Pickers allow you to simultaneously detect colonies and quantify fluorescent markers when pre-screening colonies before picking. This automated microbial screen system can pick up to 3000 clones per hour with a typical efficiency of >98%, significantly increasing speed, throughput and walk-away time. Additionally, clones can be screened in white light or fluorescence, and the system can select clones based on user-defined parameters such as compactness, axis ratio, size, proximity, and fluorescence level. This innovative high-throughput technology platform significantly speeds up biologics screening by automating repetitive tasks, reducing errors, and improving flexibility.

Phage Display

The QPix automates the laborious task of phage library screening and picking. Millions of antibodies can be screened rapidly against a library of peptides or proteins in a high throughput fashion. Automating colony picking can greatly increase the throughput of the workflow.

Gene Assembly

Currently most gene assembling techniques can only synthesize strands of DNA up to hundreds of base pairs. The QPix can rapidly select and screen bacteria that have integrated the strands of interest. Improving the rate of selection greatly speeds up gene assembly.

Synthetic Biology

The cyclical processes in synthetic biology often require automation of microbial screening using a colony picker. The QPix is a tried and tested device for rapidly increasing the throughput of these workflows.


This usually involves large sets of colonies that require DNA extraction, sequencing, analysis and data sharing. These projects can benefit greatly from the flexibility and automation of the QPix System.

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