Quantaurus Series – Compact Instruments for Measuring Properties of Photoluminescent Materials

Fast, easy measurement of the fluorescence lifetime and quantum yield of photoluminescent materials

Hamamatsu Photonics introduces the new Quantaurus series of compact instruments for measuring properties of photoluminescent materials. The new Quantaurus-Tau measures fluorescence lifetimes as short as 100 ps and the new Quantaurus-QY measures quantum yields faster and easier than the traditional relative method. The combination of these two instruments enables a comprehensive characterisation of photoluminescent materials such as fluorescent probes, LED phosphors, organic metal complexes, OLED materials and quantum dots. The Quantaurus series can be used to analyse materials in thin film, powder, solid, or liquid form. Liquid samples can be cooled down to -196°C.

Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements

The Quantaurus-Tau quickly and easily measures the fluorescence lifetime of photoluminescent materials from sub-nanoseconds to the millisecond range with single-photon-counting sensitivity. The two available models cover a spectral range from 300 nm to 800 nm (C11367-11) and from 380 nm to 1030 nm (C11367-12). Operation is simple and the dedicated software includes a variety of measurement and analysis functions. Seven LEDs allow sample excitation from 280 nm to 630 nm. Quantaurus-Tau also features optional add-ons for performing phosphorescence measurements.

Quantum Yield Measurements

The Quantaurus-QY is a fast, easy way to measure the quantum yield of photoluminescent materials. It performs absolute measurements and does not require known reference samples, in contrast to the traditional relative method. Operation is simple and intuitive, from selecting excitation wavelengths to making a variety of measurements with various analysis functions. Analyses include photoluminescence quantum yield measurement, excitation wavelength dependence, photoluminescence spectrum, photoluminescence excitation spectrum and colour coordinates. Two models are available featuring different wavelength ranges. The standard model (C11347-11) covers wavelengths from 300 nm to 950 nm and the NIR model (C11347-12) the region from 400 nm to 1100 nm.

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