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Cost-Effective Rapid Analysis of Glucose and Lactate

Results within 60 seconds – fully automatic – without sample preparation

YSI 2500 – Enzymatic rapid analysis for glucose and lactate

Different sample racks and well plates for standard applications

Integrated sample automation up to 96 samples

Simple settings for the metabolites

Model comparison

Xylem has introduced the new 2500 YSI brand biochemistry analyzer for rapid analysis of glucose and/or lactate in food and beverage products.

Compared to the well-established 2900D series analyzers used in modern biotechnology laboratories around the world, this reduced version offers a variety of application solutions at a very competitive price.

The new analyzer uses YSI's established enzyme electrode technology to deliver results within 60 seconds. These are hardly affected by color, turbidity, pH or the presence of reducing substances.

Current YSI 2500 analyzer application methods include the determination of dextrose in potatoes, glucose in frozen or green canned beans, and L-lactate in canned meat, as well as the percent preparation in extruded cereal products by chemical solubility or by autoclaving.

Like its big brother, the YSI 2500 has an intuitive graphical user interface, a USB port for retrieving data, and the ability to measure samples from a variety of sample holders, including 96-well microtiter plates and microcentrifuge tubes. This ensures a simple measurement of glucose and lactate without sample preparation, even for a high throughput.

For a wider range of analytes in biotechnology, food and beverage, and other industries, the 2900 series can include glucose, lactate, glutamate, glutamine, glycerol, xylose, choline, hydrogen peroxide, sucrose, ethanol, methanol, lactose, galactose, ammonium and measure potassium.

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