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Fouling Resistant: With these Probes You Measure Safely, Reliably and Cost-Efficiently

Optimized processes and trouble-free foam control even for critical applications

SureSense+ probe and controller

SureSense+ display

Hycontrol probes are fouling-resistent

SureSense+ probes with on or two sensors

One SureSense+ controller handles three tanks

The SureSense + foam probe system prevents problems caused by unwanted foaming. Even in demanding environments (such as FDA, USP Class VI), the SureSense + system can ensure trouble-free operation thanks to fouling resistance through the patented IMA Sensing® technology.

Up to 3 probes can be connected per controller or a corresponding number of probes with up to 3 sensors per probe. This allows you to monitor several containers with one controller and regulate them by means of dosing control. Thus, significant cost savings can be achieved.

SureSense + allows precise control of aqueous foam by distinguishing between foam and liquid contact. With a choice of control algorithms, the controller can activate a dosing pump to keep the foam at a certain level or reduce the foam height as needed. SureSense + offers both proportional and delay algorithms for the economical dosage of anti-foaming agents or for other foam-reducing measures. The controller is preprogrammed with a number of selectable application profile settings to facilitate setup.

Hycontrol's unique IMA Sensing® technology ensures reliable operation, even if the connected probes are heavily soiled (fouling resistance). This is a prerequisite in demanding applications and increases the robustness and reliability of the process even in standard applications.

The SureSense + probe systems are used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, biotechnology, waste, water and wastewater treatment and digestion plants.

The main advantages of SureSense+ are:

  • Clear display with easy-to-use menus and selectable pre-programmed profile settings - easy setup, programming and operation
  • Multiple relay outputs for improved control
  • Connect up to three foam probes to one controller - reduce costs
  • Liquid detection capability to provide greater process control
  • Proportional dosing algorithm reduces unnecessary anti-foaming use - saves costs
  • Control pumps or valves directly or connect to external control - Flexible process control
  • Probes pressure resistant up to 10 bar, temperature up to 150°C
  • Wide range of probe lengths, connections and materials
  • Insensitivity to contamination and thus absolute reliability of the probe
  • FDA, USP Class VI, ATEX configurable

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