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Award-Winning Raman Spectrometer for Fast, Sensitive In-Process Control

HyperFlux PRO Plus: Process optimization for maximum quality and safety

Raman spectrometer for fast, sensitive in-process control.

High-quality Raman spectra by HTVS™

Award winning HyperFlux PRO Plus raman spectrometer.

Process monitoring with Hyperflux PRO Plus - Fast AND accurate -

  • High-quality Raman spectra allow the monitoring of various processes, such as cell culture and fermentation processes, reaction monitoring, purification checks, polymer analysis, etc.
  • Fast results allow fast regulation. The process will always be optimally adjusted to ensure the highest quality of the product.
  • Detection limits in ppm range also allow the monitoring of processes that were previously not suitable for online analytics. The Hyperflux PRO Plus saves time and money compared to lengthy downstream laboratory analysis sampling.
  • High signal yield allows the laser power to be reduced to ATEX-compatible 35 mW, making it suitable for use in sensitive EX areas.

Advantages in detail:

  • Efficient: HTVS for approximately 10-fold photon yield.
  • Flexible: Can be combined with many probes and fiber optics.
  • Proven: 200 cm-1 to 3,300 cm-1, 785 nm Raman laser, 500 mW.
  • Economical: Up to 8 times multiplex.
  • Safe: 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and IQ / OQ documentation.
  • Ready for biopharma: Flow cells for smallest volume measurements.
  • Ready for chemistry: ATEX variant with 35 mW available.

CPhI Award for Excellence on Pharma Analysis, Testing and Quality Control 2018

With its revolutionary High Throughput Virtual Slit (HTVS) technology it produces spectra with best signal quality and spectral resolution. HTVS significantly increases the photon yield. Up to 95% of the generated Raman photons reach the detector. In conventional systems, it is often less than 10%. Therefore the Hyperflux PRO Plus has been awarded with the CPhI Award for Excellence on Pharmaceutical Analysis, Testing and Quality Control 2018.

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