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Reliable liquid handling solutions for laboratories with medium to high sample throughputs

Flexible Workstations for Lab Automation

The Biomek i-Series Automated Workstations have been designed to optimize walk-away time in mid to high throughput labs. Product development paid particular attention to make sure that the pipetting robots would be easy and efficient to use, adaptable and reliable.

Multiple configuration options exist, including single and dual pipetting heads, with multichannel heads (96/384) or Span-8 pipetting.

Integrated data management, auto-validation and automatic deck verification prevent programming and deck set-up errors, thereby simplifying your complex sample and data processing routines.

Automate the following applications using Biomek workstations:

  • Cell culture and cell-based assays
  • Cell line development
  • Next-generation sequencing sample prep
  • DNA/RNA isolation
  • DNA/RNA cleanup
  • PCR sample preparation
  • ELISA assay automation
  • Bradford assay automation

Almost every laboratory in pharma, biotech and science that focuses on genomics, cell biology, proteomics, drug discovery, forensics or related research stands to benefit from the automated liquid handling of Biomek workstations.

The advantages of liquid handling using Biomek workstations:

  • Transfer volumes from 0.5 µl to 5000 μl
  • Spacious deck with up to 45 positions
  • Fast sample transfer thanks to large-volume 1 ml multi-channel pipetting head including selective pipetting function
  • Efficient and fast maintenance and system diagnosis thanks to built-in cameras for live, remote-monitoring and on-error video capture
  • Adaptable open platform enables access from all sides to integrate adjacent-to-deck and off-deck processing elements (e.g. analytical devices, external storage/incubation units)
  • Intuitive icon-based software with data tracking and LIMS connectivity
  • Automated deck verification to avoid deck set-up errors
  • Bright, multiple color and pattern coded status light bar that alerts you to the instrument’s current mode, even from across the room

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