Single-Use Bioreactors for Cell Culture Technology

Optimization of Cell Growth and Cell Viability

The family of AllegroTM STR single-use bioreactors combines engineering and cell culture expertise with an ergonomic design to provide outstanding cell growth and viability. With intuitive handling and enhanced process safety, the cubical shape and large bottom driven impeller give enhanced mixing and aeration for critical cell culture applications.

The portfolio is composed of systems with working volumes of up to 200L, 1000L and 2000L (in development). It has been designed to resolve all challenges generally associated with single-use bioreactors, such as biocontainer integrity, operator and process safety during installation and disposal of the used biocontainer.

The systems embraces all the flexibility that single-use systems offer. The cubical design allows the most effective use of the footprint and acts as a natural baffle to improve mixing. A bottom driven impeller covers a large power input range to increase the design space. Extensive computational fluid dynamics and test data are available to assist with scaling.

Pall optimized the packaging and the installation procedures to ensure easy installation and minimal risk of damage to the biocontainer. The software guides through the biocontainer installation steps, assuring a complete, quick and safe installation.

  • cell growth

  • single-use bioreactors

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