QCM-D Measurements with High Throughput and High Reliability at Reduced Personnel Costs

Benefit from automated sample feeding and monitoring of your measurements

The qCell T auto is the fully automatic version of the QCM-D device family from 3T analytik. The qCell T auto is an indispensable tool for the investigation of physical, chemical and biological surface phenomena. Optionally, the qCell T auto is also ideally suited for combined electrochemistry operation. Easily characterize mass, viscoelasticity, swelling behavior, kinetics, and surface coupling of a variety of samples, including but not limited to, proteins, polymers, bacteria, cells, and nanoparticles. A range of unique high-performance features make the qCell T auto the most reliable and efficient interface analysis tool available today.
qCell T systems are based on advanced QCM-D technology: simultaneous measurement of frequency and damping, precisely defined flow conditions and temperature control, as well as the unique sensor chip design for easy handling and unsurpassed signal stability. The qCell T series can be flexibly equipped with additional electrochemical measurement functions.

The automation module

  • Fully automatic sample and liquid handling
  • Script functions for the precise and unattended execution of SOPs / flowcharts

The multi-level data traceability

  • Sensor-specific serial numbers for robust data management
  • Built-in sensor quality control
  • Automatically generated log file with detailed measurement process
  • Sensor usage and experimental procedure are deposited in an integrative database

The powerful data post-processing

  • Software for easy data evaluation with modules for the calculation of e.g. mass, layer thickness, coupling kinetics and nanoparticle size
  • Options for data export to other processing software

In brief:

Whether long-term or short-term measurement, the qCell T auto is the perfect measuring instrument for your QCM-D measurements. Enjoy your automated measuring routines and the time gained for the evaluation of the measured data!

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