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Personal Handheld Photometer with Small Footprint for On-The-Spot Analysis of Liquid Samples

Instant Measurements in Life Sciences, for Environmental Surveillance and in the Diagnostics, Pharma

Photometric methods are universally used in life sciences, for environmental surveillance and in the diagnostics, pharmaceutical, chemical and food & beverages industry to measure concentrations in liquid samples.

Today, photometers are bench-top devices of significant bulk and cost with hardwired data connectivity that require a separate computer. Current photometers using cuvettes have a tedious workflow, need large sample volumes and risk sample contamination.
There is an unmet demand for a low cost, personal photometer that offers the convenience, performance and seamless integration with cloud, web and mobile computing expected from contemporary devices and applications.

Tip Biosystems is delivering a solution to this demand by offering its handheld personal photometer products.

The Photopette® with its novel CuveTip® will create a new market segment in spectrophotometry. It offers wireless connectivity to the user's smart phone/tablet device and a new and convenient workflow. It's a next generation device with natural integration with tablets/smart phones for instant storage, interpretation, GPS map overlay, export and sharing of data.

Tip Biosystems Pte Ltd.
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    Tip Biosystems Pte Ltd.

    Tip Biosystems was founded in Singapore in 2014. The company aims to make Photopette® device available for the global markets at “Markets in late 2017”. The Photopette® is aimed at revolutionizing application workflows in key industries where UV-Vis measurements are routinely performed. Th ... more