In Vivo Optical Imaging: Simultaneous Detection of Different Molecular Events

Ultrasensitive, motor-driven camera for powerful imaging

The NightOwl II is an easy to use optical in vivo imaging system, delivering high sensitivity and resolution to detect multiple molecular events simultaneously. Supported by easy-to-use software to help you advance your productivity and co-optimized accessories the NightOwl system represents a platform to perform almost any in vivo imaging application using luminescence or fluorescence.

Ultrasensitive motor-driven camera

The camera of the NightOWL II is an ultrasensitive backlit CCD camera with a quantum efficiency up to 90% in the spectral range between 500 – 660 nm, which is optimal for firefly luciferase, GFP and its derivatives. Efficient cooling of the array (absolute -80 to -90°C depending on the room temperature) ensures the lowest noise and, as a consequence, the lowest light detection.

The NightOWL II is the first imager with a motor-driven camera inside the cabinet. Optimum resolution and focus of the sample are achieved by automatic positioning of the camera according to the actual sample size. The cabinet is extremely light-tight, preventing any interferences from ambient light. The camera can be moved from a height of 50 mm to 725 mm allowing focussing on every sample size up to 250 mm. For close-ups a macro table can be used. The camera is set up with flat field and height correction. This calibration eliminates non-uniformities caused by variations in the optical path due to height, illumination or lens effects. 

Accessories to cover the broadest range of applications

The NightOWL II provides a wide variety of accessories:

  • Large space inside the cabinet
  • Microscope and plant chamber adaption
  • Power sockets inside the cabinet
  • Control of interface inside the cabinet
  • Positioning plates
  • Macro table
  • Various light-sources for different applications
  • Light-tight ports to insert cables, fibre optics or manipulators
  • Heating tables to maintain optimum body temperature
  • Gas anaesthesia unit
  • Animal isolation chambers for 1 or 5 rodents
  • Animal beds for multimodality imaging
  • Transilluminators
  • Orthogonal 3D-Imaging option

Fluorescence Reflectance Imaging (FRI)

The signals emitted are measured by a camera positioned above the sample and the
light source. The proper illumination and set of filters have to be chosen to
excite the fluorophore and measure its emission. BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES offers a
complete range of filters from 340 nm up to 1100 nm. The lamp energy can be set
by a lamp factor in the software. This allows calibration of the imaging system
for each fluorophore. Comparison of the amounts of different fluorophores in one
sample becomes possible.

Easy and powerful software

The new easy-to-use indiGO software has been developed together with users. Well organized menus and dialogue boxes guide the user through camera set-up, image processing and image analysis.

IndiGO offers all the functions you need:

  • quantitative analysis
  • display of luminescence, fluorescence or photographic images
  • contrast and image enhancement tools
  • colour overlay e.g. photographic image with luminescence image, e.g. fluorescent gel with the hybridization signal, or of various fluorescent images
  • ine plot function
  • surface plot function
  • zoom function (up to 5-fold)
  • definition of areas of interest and evaluation
  • geometrical analysis
  • arithmetic functions
  • data export into spreadsheet
  • raw data and processed data are filed separately (according to GLP rules)
  • individual exposures or image sequences
  • function to automate image processing steps
  • image import and export (16-bit TIF file generated by indiGO can easily be processed by further software packages, e.g. for multimodality or co-registration)
  • in vivo imaging

  • fluorescence analysis

  • fluorescence imaging

  • imaging

  • optical imaging

  • small animals imaging

  • plant imaging

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