Fully Modular Microplate Reading

Meeting Your Research Needs Today & Tomorrow - with Monochromator Technology

Berthold Technologies has extended its TriStar² multimodal microplate reader platform by adding new functionalities to offer all main detection technologies in one easy-to-use, monochromator or filter-based instrument. Developed for full modularity and equipped with the proprietary ONE-4-ALL optical system, the TriStar² S series combines the user friendliness of a multimodal optical system with the sensitivity and performance of a dedicated optical device.

The TriStar² S provides the flexibility for today, tomorrow, and beyond in a single system. Users can start with the reading technology they need to master their research today and upgrade when they need it.  Flexibility for today, tomorrow and beyond.
The TriStar² S series is equipped with both, top and bottom reading technology to support a wide range of detection modes:

  • Absorbance (UV/VIS)
  • Fluorescence Intensity (including FRET)
  • Fluorescence Polarization
  • Luminescence (including BRET and BRET2)
  • Time Resolved Fluorescence (TRF)
  • Time Resolved FRET (TR-FRET / HTRF®) 

Fast injection times, efficient mixing Up to 3 proprietary JET injectors can be installed to dispense multiple activators or detection reagents at any time with high accuracy and precision as well as excellent mixing performance. The option to inject in the measurement position offers highest sensitivity for ultra-fast flash luminescence assays. Berthold Technologies JET injectors use Teflon bellows for accurate and fast injections even for smallest injections volumes, and guarantee most efficient mixing as well as extreme longevity: 

  • Accuracy and precision of better than 98% over the entire volume range
  • Frictionless operation for extended lifetime 
  • Cell-friendly materials and negligible shear forces enable injection of cell suspensions, e.g. in Aequorin-based calcium assays 

Meeting your application needs The versatile TriStar² S covers a wide range of applications:

  • reporter gene assays
  • caspase assays
  • kinase assays
  • GPCR monitoring
  • calcium assays
  • DNA and protein quantification
  • ELISA and other immunoassays
  • cytotoxicity
  • cell viability and many more

A temperature-controlled microplate compartment ensures stable conditions whenever temperature sensitive enzymes or cells are in use. 

The Tristar² S offers the best of two worlds with regards to wavelength selection: choose between monochromator and filters for the best performance in all applications. Flexibility in wavelength selection for any current and future assay requirements is best met by the TriStar² S double-monochromator with high transmission and best blocking properties for absorbance and fluorescence excitation. This technology enables complete absorbance and excitation spectral scans to measure wavelength shifts, e.g. due to changes in pH or polarity on the chromophore’s properties.

Filters, on the other hand offer high transmission characteristics-which can be up to 25-fold that of monochromators. This facilitates more efficient measurement of technologies like Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF), ChromaGlo™, BRET and BRET².  Monochromator or filter - with the Tristar² S you always have the choice.  A proprietary dual-mode detector guarantees the best sensitivity combined with a low and stable background for every measuring mode.  The ICE software (Instrument Control and Evaluation) has been designed with the requirements of today’s researchers in mind: ease of use during protocol creation, measurement and data export has been achieved with the wizard-guided and clearly structured ICE software package.

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