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January 20 2022 | view in browser
Forever Young: a new genetic brake for an ageing immune system
A Parkinson’s disease gene turns out to provide the key to modify diseases related to immunoageing
In a world with an ageing global population, we could all use some good news when it comes to age-related health. The latest findings in a study led by Dr Feng Hefeng at the Luxembourg Institute of ...
A spray to protect against lung damage from Covid-19
Startup develop an RNA-based drug ...
Scientists dive deep into the different effects of morning and evening exercise
Using exercise to fix a faulty body clock ...
PreOmics announces early investors’ exit and closing of Series B financing
Bruker is now a majority investor in PreOmics ...
7th BioProScale Symposium 2022 – Scaling Up and Down of Bioprocesses: Call for papers

March 2831, 2022, on-site in Berlin

The first speakers at the 7th BioProScale Symposium are confirmed. Use the chance to present your research work or company as well.

Abstracts for oral presentations and for posters can be submitted until
January 31, 2022.
Please use the Word-Template.

The organizing committee is looking forward to your contributions.

To Submission
The two startups NeoCura and PhoreMost announce research collaboration to explore novel cancer therapeutics
Evotec and Lilly enter into drug discovery collaboration in metabolic diseases
Lilly has the right to select up to five programmes ...
Researchers use ghost imaging to speed up X-ray fluorescence chemical mapping
By eliminating lenses, this advance could benefit a host of applications, including medical imaging, industrial inspection and art analysis ...
Lifespin secures bridge financing
Artificial intelligence to determine health status and diagnose diseases ...
CureVac Chief Technology Officer to Pursue New Career outside Biotech Industry
Dr. Mariola Fotin-Mleczek will resign from CureVac ...
Evonik builds world's first industrial-scale production plant for rhamnolipids
Fermentation of sugar replaces petrochemical raw materials ...
Science publication
Dandelions as a new source of natural rubber
Microspectrometer as Small as Your Fingertip
Hamamatsu’s spectroscopy solutions ...
Pipettes, Tips, Service
Superior Products for Peak Performance - from METTLER TOLEDO Rainin ...
ÄKTA Protein Purification Systems – Easy to Use Benchtop Systems to Accelerate Daily Routines
Pure Proteins Today. Powerful Results Tomorrow ...
Culture-Independent Diagnosis of Bacterial and Fungal DNA in Blood, Other Body Fluids and Tissues
SepsiTest-UMD CE IVD: Microbial DNA Extraction, Sensitive 16S/18S PCR and Sequencing Analysis ...
Secoya-Technologies SRL
How to master continous crystallisation processes
To the lecture
White papers
Benefits of Deep Learning and AI in Microscopy: Label-Free Nucleus Detection in Micro Well Plates
New AI approaches have potential to reduce or replace fluorescence markers in live cell imaging ...
Eurofins Genomics Germany GmbH
BioTek Instruments GmbH
EST sequencing
Exon sequencing
BAC sequencing
de novo sequencing
mutation analysis
liquid handling
pipetting systems
STARLAB International GmbH
RNA interference
gene overexpression
pipette tips
nitrile gloves
neoprene gloves
latex gloves
glove dispensers
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