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Nanoparticles to target, kill endometrial cancer


Tumor-targeting nanoparticles loaded with a drug that makes cancer cells more vulnerable to chemotherapy's toxicity could be used to treat an aggressive and often deadly form of endometrial cancer, according to new research by the University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. For the first time, ...


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Multiple roles of glucose metabolism in platelet activation and survival identified


Platelets, the cells in blood that enable clotting, are highly reliant on their ability to metabolize glucose, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Iowa. The findings may have implications for understanding the increased risk of thrombosis--blood clots inside blood ...


Researchers find nerve damage may precede diabetic retinopathy

Finding represents a shift in the understanding of these diabetes complications


A University of Iowa-led study of diabetes-related vision impairment holds good news -- and some bad news -- for patients with signs of these disorders. Scientists have long known that patients with diabetes mellitus -- both Type 1 and Type 2 -- are at high risk for developing diabetic ...


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Proteomics and precision medicine


As medical professionals search for new ways to personalize diagnosis and treatment of disease, a research team at the University of Iowa has already put into practice what may be the next big step in precision medicine: personalized proteomics. Proteomics is the large-scale analysis of all the ...


New 'exercise hormone' promotes physical endurance


A new study in mice shows that exercise causes muscle to release a peptide that builds the muscle's capacity for energy production and increases physical endurance, allowing for longer and more intense exercise. The findings establish that the peptide, called musclin, is an "exercise factor" -- a ...


Bigger lungs may be better for transplants

University of Iowa study links bigger lungs with improved survival for transplant patients


When it comes to lung transplants, bigger may be better. That's the main finding from a University of Iowa study, which found that oversized lungs lead to improved survival following lung transplants, particularly among patients receiving double-lung transplants. Currently, in the United States ...


Be gone, bacteria

University of Iowa-led team creates first comprehensive guidelines to reduce staph bacteria infections after surgery


Staph infections in hospitals are a serious concern, so much so that the term Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is as commonly known as MRI. Far less known is that in many of these cases, patients are infecting themselves. In heart surgeries and knee and joint-replacement ...


New test could identify smokers at risk of emphysema

CT scans can detect differences in lung blood flow patterns, which identify smokers most at risk of emphysema


Using CT scans to measure blood flow in the lungs of people who smoke may offer a way to identify which smokers are most at risk of emphysema before the disease damages and eventually destroys areas of the lungs, according to a University of Iowa study. The study found that smokers who have very ...


Mayo researchers find obesity key

Study reveals mechanism that adjusts fat burning


Mayo researchers collaborating with investigators at the University of Iowa, University of Connecticut and New York University (NYU) have discovered a molecular mechanism that controls energy expenditure in muscles and helps determine body weight. Researchers say this could lead to a new medical ...


Unusual protein modification involved in muscular dystrophy, cancer


With the discovery of a new type of chemical modification on an important muscle protein, a University of Iowa study improves understanding of certain muscular dystrophies and could potentially lead to new treatments for the conditions. The findings, which appear in Science , may also have ...


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