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Immune cells versus persistent viruses: with a little help from my friends

Memory T helper cells prevent panic reaction


Viruses such as HIV or the pathogen that causes hepatitis C can overwhelm the immune system. One approach to developing vaccines for these chronic infections has until now been aimed exclusively at what are known as the memory B cells, a specific type of immune cells. Researchers at the ...


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Coronavirus: minimal transmission risk when playing football

Caution still required


A study by the Universities of Basel and Saarland shows that there is almost no risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus on the field. They suggest that blanket quarantine measures for opposing teams are not justified if no close contact has taken place off the playing field. Governments have ...


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Augmented reality helps tackle fear of spiders

Following refinement with the help of GeneGuide AG, a spin-off from the University of Basel, the app is now available


Researchers from the University of Basel have developed an augmented reality app for smartphones in order to help people reduce their fear of spiders. The app has already shown itself to be effective in a clinical trial, with subjects experiencing less fear of real spiders after completing just a ...


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Viruses leave traces for long after infection

Genetic profile of the healed cells remained altered


Viruses do not always kill the cells they infect. Researchers at the University of Basel have discovered in experiments with mice that cells have the power to self-heal and eliminate viruses. However, these cells undergo long-term changes. The findings may provide a hint as to why cured hepatitis ...


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Creation of a detailed "catalogue" of degradation products in cells

New insights into a quality control mechanism that removes defective genetic products from cells


Cells have their own quality control to prevent the production and accumulation of harmful proteins. This quality control is essential for correct embryonic development in all mammals and plays an important role in tumors and genetic diseases such as cystic fibrosis. A group of researchers from ...


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Researchers identify how to prevent cancer metastases

Natural killer cells keep cancer cells in a dormant state, preventing them from forming metastases


Metastases can develop in the body even years after apparently successful cancer treatment. They originate from cancer cells that migrated from the original tumor to other organs, and which can lie there inactive for a considerable time. Researchers have now discovered how these “sleeping cells” ...


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Covid-19 can trigger diabetes

When SARS-CoV-2 infects beta cells, they produce less insulin and show signs of death


Some Covid-19 patients develop diabetes in the course of their infection. An international study with participation by the University of Basel has mapped how coronavirus attacks and destroys insulin-producing pancreatic cells. The researchers also identified a way to protect these cells. Diabetes ...


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Tackling tumors with two types of virus

Promising strategy for therapeutic cancer vaccines


An international research group led by the University of Basel has developed a promising strategy for therapeutic cancer vaccines. Using two different viruses as vehicles, they administered specific tumor components in experiments on mice with cancer in order to stimulate their immune system to ...


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Regular caffeine consumption affects brain structure


Coffee, cola or an energy drink: caffeine is the world’s most widely consumed psychoactive substance. Researchers from the University of Basel have now shown in a study that regular caffeine intake can change the gray matter of the brain. However, the effect appears to be temporary. No question – ...


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A treatment for every kind of cancer

Start-up recently received seed funding of USD 30 million with a view to making universal, ready-to-use T cell cancer therapies a reality


Researchers from the University of Basel have identified cells in the immune system that are able to attack a wide range of cancer cells. Through a start-up, they are now aiming to use their discovery to develop clinically applicable treatments that will mark the next milestone in cell-based ...


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