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New method for exhaustively isolating olfactory receptors responding to specific odorants


A research group led by Osaka University and Panasonic Corporation developed a method for making a prompt, exhaustive isolation of olfactory receptors (ORs) responding to the odorant of interest. This achievement will enable quick and easy exhaustive analysis of ORs responding to specific ...


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Key findings to develop a vaccine against Toxoplasma


Toxoplasma gondii is a common parasite which causes the development of fatal encephalosis or pneumonia in immunodeficient patients under treatment of AIDS or cancer. Pregnant women who are infected may suffer a miscarriage or the newborn child may suffer from a congenital disease. Currently, a ...


Peptide-modified cultures demonstrate control over both tissue growth and location in vitro


“In vitro fabricated biological tissue would be a valuable tool to screen newly synthesized drugs or understand the tissue development process,” explain Takuya Matsumoto and his colleagues However tissues grown so far have not reached the size and final shape of natural tissue. Matsumoto and ...


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Raman pixel by pixel


Raman spectroscopy provides molecular specificity through spectrally-resolved measurement of the inelastic scattering under monochromatic excitation. In the context of microscopy, it may serve as label-free cell imaging, providing structural information. However, the very low cross-section of ...


Biomarkers for early malaria diagnosis


Scientists in Japan have developed a technique that could be used to diagnose malaria using a blood plasma sample just one day after infection. It is vital to diagnose malaria as soon as possible to maximise the effectiveness of treatment. Currently, light microscopy is the main technique used ...


Effects of sticky ends


Japanese scientists have investigated the self-assembled synthesis of DNA nanostructures using direct observation of charge transfer kinetics. Tetsuro Majima, Kiyohiko Kawai and colleagues from Osaka University made photosensitizer modified and charge acceptor modified DNA with different lengths ...


Coming Soon: Blood Vessels from a Test Tube?

Controlled layered structures from living cells and an extracellular matrix


Our tissues and organs consist of a complex, closely balanced assembly of different types of cells, extracellular matrix, and special signal-carrying molecules. The growth of such structures in the laboratory, perhaps for transplantation into patients, has remained an unmet challenge. Japanese ...


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