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Imaging the dynamic cellular zoo made easier

This work will expand the ability to simultaneously monitor many processes in cells


Imagine the difficulty of visually keeping track of five people scattered throughout a stadium. Researchers perform far more amazing feats by simultaneously tracking many different cellular factors, but they need an expanded fluorescence toolkit to advance current capabilities. Now, in a study ...


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Artificial intelligence makes enzyme engineering easy

Researchers have streamlined the traditionally slow process of enzyme engineering


You can't expect a pharmaceutical scientist to switch labs to the facilities available in a television studio and expect the same research output. Enzymes behave exactly the same. But now, in a study recently published in ACS Synthetic Biology, researchers from Osaka University have imparted an ...


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A major advance in single-cell RNA data analysis

Researchers have developed a computational tool that can carry out accurate comparative analysis of complex single-cell sequencing datasets


New developments in high-throughput biological studies mean that the genes that are active in just a single cell can now be determined. However, analyzing the complex datasets that result can be challenging. Now, a team at Osaka University has developed CAPITAL, a new computational tool for ...


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Light-powered microbes are super-producing chemical factories

New method allows bacteria to use light for external energy to accelerate biomanufacturing of target compounds without disrupting the host microorganism's natural metabolism


Sharing is key to living in society, whether it’s toddlers sharing toys or nations sharing natural resources; but there’s no avoiding the fact that one side getting more means that the other side gets less. Now, researchers from Osaka University, in collaboration with the University of Shizuoka ...


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Osaka University, Shimadzu, and SIGMAXYZ collaborate on 3D Bioprinting technology

Accelerating technological development to solve social issues such as the environment, food, and health


National University Corporation Osaka University, Shimadzu Corporation, and SIGMAXYZ Inc. have signed an agreement on collaboration for "social implementation of 3D bioprinting technology." Prior to this, Osaka University and Shimadzu Corporation also signed a joint research agreement on the ...


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‘Switching off’ specific brain cells protects against stress

Researchers find that a specific group of brain cells control anxiety-related behaviors


It is well known that long-term exposure to stress can lead to serious psychiatric problems. However, the precise mechanisms underpinning the stress response have remained largely elusive. Recent advances in microscopic imaging by researchers from Japan have led to the exciting discovery of a ...


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The hidden machinery of a photosynthetic giant revealed

Rresearchers solved the structure of monomeric photosystem I by cryo-electron microscopy


Photosynthesis is the fundament of almost all live on earth, and yet it is not understood down to the last detail. An international research team has now unravelled one of its secrets. The researchers from Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), Osaka University, Japan, and Kafrelsheikh University, Egypt, ...


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Nanodiamonds feel the heat

Nanodiamond sensor can act as both heat sources and thermometers, and may lead to a new set of heat-based treatments for killing bacteria or cancer cells


A team of scientists from Osaka University, The University of Queensland, and the National University of Singapore's Faculty of Engineering used tiny nanodiamonds coated with a heat-releasing polymer to probe the thermal properties of cells. When irradiated with light from a laser, the sensors ...


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Sorting out viruses with machine learning

Scientists develop a label-free method for identifying respiratory viruses which may lead to new rapid COVID-19 tests


The ongoing global pandemic has created an urgent need for rapid tests that can diagnose the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the pathogen that causes COVID-19, and distinguish it from other respiratory viruses. Now, researchers from Japan have demonstrated a new system for single-virion ...


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Biomarker helps identify 'window of opportunity' for cancer chemotherapy timing


Angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, is essential for tumor growth. A new study describes a vascular stabilization biomarker that can visualize blood vessel activity, thus optimizing the timing of anticancer therapies including anti-angiogenics. Combination therapy using angiogenesis ...


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