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The Top 5 Pharmaceutical Companies Generate Over a Third of Global Revenues by Blockbuster Drugs

Diabetes and arthritis are the top indications, alongside cancer therapy, in 2013


Over a third of global revenues by the 200 most widely sold blockbuster drugs were generated by the largest companies in 2013. Roche, Pfizer, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson und Merck & Co. achieved combined sales of 135 Bn US$ with their blockbuster drugs, making them the pharma companies with the ...


East German physicians prescribe significantly more high-priced biopharmaceutical medication than West German doctors

127% higher revenues of pharmaceutical companies per physician and year in the area of former East Germany


Over 20 years after the reunification there are big differences in the prescription habits of high priced biopharmaceutical medication (biologics) in East and West Germany. On average pharmaceutical companies earn more than double the amount in the east, per physician and year, than in the west ...


Medical Technology - A Safe Haven for Volatile Industries


In times of economic uncertainty, industry groups from various sectors suffer from the volatility of their core businesses. Companies from sectors, such as electronics, automotive supply, plastics and others, often face threatening situations whenever the general economic climate is rough. One of ...


After meticulously analyzing high quality data, Novumed provides access to the world’s largest pharma markets

An overview on the 200 most important pharma blockbusters helps to estimate which are the most relevant therapeutic areas and indications. High quality data was sourced from annual reviews of 2009


“Which are the world's 13 leading products for diabetes? How big is the market for asthma drugs based on the best selling products in this field? What was the revenue for Roche's Avastin in 2009?“ Answers to these and other questions are gathered in a study conducted by Novumed. Experts in the ...


Currently positioned only 5th, China is the fastest growing biotech market in the world


Novumed Life Science Consulting recently concluded an exclusive study on therapeutic biotech companies of the Asian Pacific region. China now positions as number 5 of most innovative biotech countries behind the US, the UK, Germany and Australia. In recent years, Chinese government incentives, ...


The growing number of high value biologicals increases the need for advanced pharma logistics

Management often not aware of “real cost of non quality logistics


Pharma logistics is often not on pharmaceutical executives’ main agenda. When it comes to logistics, it is mainly two issues which keep them awake at night: the danger of image damage and liability cases through adulterated products and/or the disturbance or delay of clinical trials. However, a ...


Diabetes research about to become the most important area of research for European pharma- and biotech companies

Sweden and Denmark have been identified as the biotech hotspots with highest productivity


In the wake of what is most likely the largest and most detailed study of the European biotech industry to date the team of Novumed Life Science Consulting has identified diabetes research as the field with the highest number of research projects across Europe. From a total of 2552 European R&D ...


Great opportunities for developers of biosimilars

Between 2009 and 2019 blockbuster biopharmaceuticals with a total value of over 50 billion $US will lose patent protection.


Biopharmaceuticals or biologicals are drugs synthesized by “recombinant DNA technology”, a gene technological process developed in the mid seventies. In contrast to classic low-molecular drugs like Aspirin®, for example, which can be produced by way of chemical synthesis due to their simple ...


Biotech companies in the future among top 10 drug sellers / winners & losers of the pharmaceutical industry in the next decade

Of today’s top ten best-selling drugs only four will be left over in 2012


A recent study of the pharmaceuticals industry views Roche/Genentech as the dominant player(s) in the global pharmaceuticals market in the next four years. The projected market shake-up is the result of the patent crisis which currently puts the pipelines of many of the world´s biggest ...


Lack of temperature control during transport of pharmaceuticals may influence drug effectiveness

Current study analyses the increasing demand for temperature controlled transport and storage


High humidity, strong agitation, bright light and incorrect temperature storage during transport may have severe consequences on pharmaceutical products. Temperature and humidity variations during handling and transport may destroy the active components of these products. Vaccines, biologicals ...


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