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Top three therapy areas account for 68% of overall pharmaceutical industry pipeline


The top three therapy areas – namely oncology, infectious diseases and central nervous system (CNS) disorders – accounted for a combined 68% of the overall pharmaceutical industry pipeline as of Q1 2016, according to business intelligence provider GBI Research. The company’s Innovation Tracking ...


Big Pharma Embraces Biologics


Fast-evolving biopharmaceuticals will challenge synthetic market dominance in the global market for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), states a new report by business intelligence providers GBI Research.The new report "Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) Global Market to 2017 - Growth ...


Biodefense: Anthrax and Smallpox at the Research Forefront


As the potential threat of biological terrorist attacks continues to command the attention of governments around the globe, anthrax and smallpox remain amongst the most researched diseases in the biodefense industry, states a new report by GBI Research.The company’s latest study shows that ...


$800 Billion: The Amount US Healthcare Industry ‘Wasted’ in 2011


Avoidable care, incompetent hospital management and administrations scams accounted for an astonishing $800-$900 billion in unnecessary healthcare expenditure in the US last year, according to the latest findings of business intelligence experts GBI Research. The new report,Pharmaceutical ...


HIV Generics Take Over the Antivirals Market


Generics are predicted to take over the antiviral drugs market, especially in the case of HIV medication, as a series of patent expiries will open opportunities for ambitious companies to seize huge revenue, according to a new report by healthcare experts GBI Research.The new report, "Generics in ...


Are Biosimilars Too Expensive for Emerging Economies?


The global market for biosimilar drugs is due to come under attack from popular generic drugs, as governments fight to control rising healthcare expenditure, according to healthcare experts GBI Research.The report "Biosimilars in Emerging Economies - Advanced Recombinant Technology Platforms and ...


Medications Made Available to All: OTC Status Boosts Global Drug Sales


The conversion of prescription drugs to over-the-counter (OTC) status is becoming a hit among major pharmaceutical companies in developing countries, who are eager to expand their target audience, according to a new report by healthcare intelligence company GBI Research.The new report, "Rx-to-OTC ...


Pharma’s New Hero: Supergenerics Save Money and Improve Drugs


Generic drugs are evolving and, at the same time, being outshone by their predecessors – super-powered pharmaceuticals developed through simplified development pathways – according to a new report by GBI Research.The new report indicates that the development of “supergenerics” is creating ...


Unhealthy Lifestyles Contribute to Boom in Cardiac Rhythm Management Market


A hearty combination of technological leaps and unhealthy lifestyle choices are driving sales of the cardiac rhythm monitoring (CRM) devices, a new report by GBI Research has found. The new report, 'Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices Market to 2017 - Technological Innovations, Regulatory ...


Cost of Antivirals for HIV/AIDS Set to Increase


Antiviral drugs for HIV/AIDS patients will become more expensive as doctors embrace new, highly-priced combination treatments, according to a new report by pharmaceutical industry experts GBI Research.The new report, 'Antivirals Market to 2016 - Antiretroviral Agents and Combination Therapies to ...


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