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Merck Commissions Biomass Energy Plant in India

Co-generation unit promotes climate protection and energy efficiency


Merck commissioned a climate-neutral co-generation plant at its production site in Goa, India. In doing so, Merck is underscoring its commitment to climate protection and energy efficiency in line with its corporate responsibility. The project is part of a company-wide climate protection program. ...


Messe München International takes over one of India's leading trade fairs for laboratory technology


Messe München International is strengthening its portfolio of events in the future market of India by taking over India Lab Expo, one of the leading trade fairs for laboratory technology, analysis and biotechnology on the Indian subcontinent. For the first time ever, this year's India Lab Expo is ...


Stem cells overcome damage in other cells by exporting mitochondria


A research team has identified a protein that increases the transfer of mitochondria from mesenchymal stem cells to lung cells. In work published in The EMBO Journal, the researchers reveal that the delivery of mitochondria to human lung cells can rejuvenate damaged cells. The migration of ...


New molecularly imprinted nicotine receptors


Researchers from the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute in Nehru Marg, India have added another piece to the puzzle of how to synthetize an artificial nicotine receptor. Nicotine is responsible for smoking addition due to specific receptors in the brain that trigger the ...


Evotec to realign Discovery Chemistry Operations


Evotec AG announced that it will close its Chemistry Operations in Thane, India. All chemistry efforts will now be performed at its Abingdon (UK) facility, answering to an increasing requirement to operate closer to the principal R&D laboratories of our major customers. All project work in Thane ...


Double functionalisation of titanium-based nanoparticles for drug delivery


Scientists in India report the functionalisation of TiO2 nanoparticles with two different biomolecules – tris-(nitrilo tris-acetic acid) and biotin. The biocompatible nanoparticles is non-cytotoxic and can deliver multiple biomolecules into the cell. In the future the nanoparticles could act as ...


Carbon nanotubes give cancer drugs a boost


Carbon-based nanomaterials have been found to enhance the ability of the anti-cancer drug Paclitaxel to treat of lung cancer. Both graphene oxide and single-walled carbon nanotubes were found to enhance cancer-cell death in lung-cancer cells when combined with the Paclitaxel, indicating a ...


SCHOTT strengthens its position in the Asian pharmaceutical market

First fully automated production line for pharmaceutical packaging sets new standards in India


With the opening of a high-tech facility in India, SCHOTT continues to strengthen its strategic position in the Asian pharmaceutical market. As with the existing production plant in the city of Daman, SCHOTT KAISHA, a joint venture in which SCHOTT holds a 50% stake, will run the new production ...


Frost & Sullivan: Automation will represent the next step for biobanks

Exponential growth in sample volumes pushes biobanks toward


Every year, nearly 100 million samples are added to biobanks worldwide. Over 1500 bio repositories exist today and efforts are underway to automate the various sample handling and compound storage processes involved in biobanking. The increased focus on preservation of sample integrity and ...


BASF to launch fine chemical catalysts production line in Mangalore, India

Supports growth of Indian pharmaceutical industry


BASF will launch a production line for precious metal-based fine chemical catalysts at the company’s manufacturing site in Mangalore, India. These catalysts are important for the efficient production of active pharmaceutical ingredients.Start-up of the new production line is slated for the second ...


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