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Malvern announce a new partner in Brazil


Malvern announced PENSABIO Biotechnology as a new partner acting as an ExclusiveRepresentative in Brazil to product lines MicroCal, NanoSight, Archimedes, Zetasizer Helix andViscosizer TD. Therefore, from 2016, the Pensabio now assumes the sale process (Pre and Post), Services, ...


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Electronic device detects molecules linked to cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's

Inexpensive portable biosensor developed


A biosensor developed by researchers at the National Nanotechnology Laboratory (LNNano) in Campinas, São Paulo State, Brazil, has been proven capable of detecting molecules associated with neurodegenerative diseases and some types of cancer. The device is basically a single-layer organic ...


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Plant compound found in spices and herbs increases brain connections


Brazilian researchers from D'Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) have demonstrated in laboratory that apigenin, a substance found in parsley, thyme, chamomile and red pepper, improves neuron formation ...


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Brazilian wasp venom kills cancer cells by opening them up


The social wasp Polybia paulista protects itself against predators by producing venom known to contain a powerful cancer-fighting ingredient. A study reveals exactly how the venom's toxin--called MP1 (Polybia-MP1) - selectively kills cancer cells without harming normal cells. MP1 interacts with ...


Brazilian company doubles shelf life of pasteurized fresh milk

Inclusion of silver-based microparticles in bottle plastic extends shelf life from seven to 15 days.


Agrindus, an agribusiness company, has increased the shelf life of grade A pasteurized fresh whole milk from seven to 15 days.This feat was achieved by incorporating silver-based microparticles with bactericidal, antimicrobial and self-sterilizing properties into the rigid plastic bottles used as ...


FuturaGene’s Eucalyptus Is Approved for Commercial Use in Brazil


The Brazilian National Technical Commission on Biosafety (CTNBio) approved the commercial use of the yield enhanced eucalyptus developed by FuturaGene, a wholly owned subsidiary of Suzano Pulp and Paper. Field experiments conducted since 2006 at various locations in Brazil have demonstrated an ...


Evofuel Expands Castor Activity in Brazil with Insolo


Evogene Ltd. announced the signing of a collaboration agreement between its wholly-owned subsidiary Evofuel Ltd. and Insolo Agroindustrial S.A., for the selection and optimization of Evofuel's proprietary castor bean varieties in Insolo farms located in Piaui state in northeast Brazil.The ...


New study explains how organs coordinate their development with the whole body


A research group led by Christen Mirth at Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (Portugal) uncovered that the development of wings in fruit flies does not progress synchronously with the organism's development. Instead, it is coordinated with the whole body only at distinct 'milestones'. This study, ...


Leica Microsystems and Leica Biosystems strengthen market position in Brazil

Long-Standing Leica distributors Aotec have been acquired


Leica Microsystems and Leica Biosystems have cemented ties with their Brazilian Leica distributor: All shares of Aotec Instrumentos Cientificos Ltda of São Paulo, Brazil, have been acquired. Aotec is a provider of microscopy and histopathology solutions and has been a Leica distributor for more ...


FuturaGene and EMBRAPA sign an umbrella Cooperation Framework Agreement


FuturaGene announced the signing of a Cooperation Framework Agreement with EMBRAPA, (Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuária) the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture research organisation. Under the agreement, FuturaGene and EMBRAPA will establish collaborative research programs in eucalyptus ...


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