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  • Are you Big Pharma’s new target market?

    By 2018, it is estimated that the global pharmaceutical market will be worth more than $1.3 trillion USD. To corner their share of profits, established drug companies have to fight fierce competition from generic products, adhere to stringent government regulations and sway a consumer base that is b more

  • Cell mechanics in atherosclerosis

    As inevitable as the wrinkling of skin with age is the hardening of the blood vessels - a condition called atherosclerosis that is often blamed for heart disease. New Cornell research offers a clue into the underlying causes of atherosclerosis in terms of how the cells that line the blood vessels, c more

  • After meticulously analyzing high quality data, Novumed provides access to the world’s largest pharma markets

    “Which are the world's 13 leading products for diabetes? How big is the market for asthma drugs based on the best selling products in this field? What was the revenue for Roche's Avastin in 2009?“ Answers to these and other questions are gathered in a study conducted by Novumed. Experts in the pharm more

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