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  • EuropaBio Welcomes Commission Decision to Approve Five GMOs

    EuropaBio welcomes the Commission’s important decision regarding the approval of a number of agricultural biotechnology files. “We feel encouraged by this decisive regulatory approach” commented Willy De Greef, EuropaBio’s Secretary General. “It offers the necessary predictability to industry and a more

  • Oviposition behaviour of pest insects keeps Bt-cotton durably resistant

    The oviposition behaviour of insect pests results in an improved durability of insect resistance in so-called Bt-crops, while promoting the survival of pest insects elsewhere in nature. This is the result of research carried out by the Plant Sciences Group of Wageningen UR in collaboration with the more

  • Cultivation of GM crops increases worldwide, but Europe is missing out

    More than ever, farmers around the world are turning to GM crops, recognizing the range of benefits that they offer. According to figures released by the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications (ISAAA), in 2009, 14 million farmers planted 134 million hectares (330 mill more

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