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chemagen was founded in December 1997. The company's scientific foundations were laid at the Rheinisch-Westfälisch-Technische-Hochschule Aachen, (RWTH, Technical University of Aachen).There, the concept of the separation of complex mixtures with novel magnetic beads was developed to an applicable product. In February 2011 PerkinElmer, Inc. acquired chemagen as part of the company’s strategy to advance its offerings to the molecular diagnostics and research markets.

chemagen's core competence is the development, fictionalization, modification and production of polyvinyl alcohol based magnetic polymer particles (M-PVA Magnetic Beads) and kits for nucleic acid separation. The company’s kits and particles are used for the separation of target molecules from complex mixtures in biochemical, molecular biological, medical and environmental applications. Based on its proprietary Magnetic Bead technology platform, chemagen has focused on kits for nucleic acid isolation. Realizing that Magnetic Bead based kits are ideal for automation, the parallel development of high performance instruments like the chemagicTM 360 was a consequent continuation of chemagen's strategy to become a supplier of worldwide leading systems for automated sample preparation.

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