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    A key to new drugs

    A collaboration between research teams in Germany and the USA furnished a new concept for discovering drugs to treat life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, influenza, or multidrug resistant bacteria. The team proposes that three-dimensional metal-containing molecules may function as new ... more

    First robust cell culture model for the hepatitis E virus

    A mutation switches the turbo on during virus replication. This is a blessing for research. Even though hepatitis E causes over three million infections and about 70,000 deaths each year, the virus has been little studied as yet. This may be about to change, because a research team from Boc ... more

    The gut may be involved in the development of multiple sclerosis

    The gut has long been suspected to play a role in autoimmune disease. A research team has now identified evidence of a potential mechanism. It is incompletely understood which factors in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) act as a trigger for the immune system to attack the brain and spi ... more

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