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Spectra and more for your analytical lab!

Spectra libraries and accessories for the analytical lab.

Spectra libraries for all your applications

Easily picking up micro particles

Multi-functional sample holder for your microscope

Sample sectioning made easy

Easy cross-sections of your multilayer films by hand

Choose from more than 120 spectra libraries the right database for your specific applications:

  • ATR-FTIR spectra
  • Transmission spectra
  • Raman spectra
  • NIR spectra

Find dedicated spectra databases of Polymers & Additives, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemcials, HazMats, Forensics, Minerals & Inorganics, and many other industry-specific categories.

All spectra collections are compatible with the search software of most instrument manufacturers.

Check out our innovative product line of functional tools for FTIR-Spectroscopy and Microanalysis to ease your daily work in the lab: Starting from sample holders for spectrometers and microscopes, useful sample preparation tools up to multifunctional Diamond Compression Cells for effortless transmission analysis.

For further information request the printed catalog now or download our pdf catalog.

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    S.T.Japan-Europe GmbH

    S.T. Japan-Europe GmbH supplies a broad range of libraries of Transmission-, ATR-, and Raman-spectra databases. The 85 unique databases cover a broad spectrum of industry-specific application requirements including Polymers, Packaging Materials, Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Solvents, Dyes, ... more

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