Autoclaves and Safety Cabinets for Microbiological Tasks of HMC Europe

Low Life Cycle Costs, Highest Safety Standards and an Intuitive Operation

Benefit from individual consulting and tailor-made solutions, e.g. vertical and table-top autoclaves with many configuration options and accessories or biological mini safety cabinets with a width of only 600 mm. The cabinets are available in different sizes.

All our products are designed for durability to ensure you can enjoy your equipment for a long time. That is not only a matter of sustainability but also a surplus value for you. In our maintenance contracts we ensure that a maximum service life can be achieved by examining the devices carefully.

How can we achieve this? For our autoclaves we manufacture high quality materials to high-tech chambers with reduced mass. This ensures energy efficiency with short heating and cooling phases. Your safety is our top priority! HMC Europe’s vertical and table-top autoclaves are optimally protected against overpressure due to constant pressure and temperature monitoring. Many accessories, such as baskets and cans offer more comfort during every sterilization cycle.

Our safety cabinets are engineered and produced in Scandinavia for the highest level of efficiency and product quality. Additionally you benefit from a remarkably low power consumption and noise level made possible by use of latest technology. Do you need a custom-built model? Just contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

We are always one step ahead: cleaning our devices is easy as the products are space-saving and with smooth surfaces. Our autoclaves are additionally equipped with casters for mobile use.

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