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Lipids of highest purity for research and pharmaceutical product development

Avanti Polar Lipids product catalog

Avanti® Polar Lipids Catalog

Avanti® Polar Lipids: Equipment for Efficient Lipid Extrusion

Avanti® Polar Lipids: Lipidomics - Approaches for Profiling, Analysis and Cellular Signaling Studies

Avanti® Polar Lipids: Pure Expertise in Lipids Research Products

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Whether you specialize in lipidomics or lipids are simply a part of your research, you know the critical role lipids play and the inherent challenges they present. You don’t need to be a lipid specialist to know that you should order from one.

Now as the exclusive supplier of Avanti® Polar Lipids outside of the U.S., our new partnership provides you with more leading products and expertise to support all of your lipid needs. And because they’re available like any Merck lipid, ordering is easy, inventory is reliable and support is always within reach.
The good stuff is here

  • More than 2,000 Avanti® products with >99% purity
  • High-purity natural and synthetic phospholipids,sphingolipids, and sterols
  • Fluorescent lipids, adjuvants, lipid binding antibodies,and more
  • Lipidomics tools for studying lipid structure and function
  • The Avanti® Mini-Extruder for liposome preparation

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