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Bioprocess Engineering

Not at all cheesy – from the planning and realisation stages, to process controlling and monitoring, to the preparation of the eventual product, the methods and technologies used in bioprocess engineering are constantly being enhanced. This is crucial because biotechnological processes tend to be highly complex, making them more difficult to predict. Disruptions cost time and money, and as a result may impair competitiveness.

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  • Rescue for Sardines and Anchovies: Produce DHA through biotechnology using microalgae

    Bioprocess engineers Anja Lemoine and Stefan Junne are researching substitutes for fishmeal and fish oil in aquacultures by fermenting waste into different acids and then feeding these to microalgae. While others stockpile food, Lemoine and Junne hoard leftovers in the fridges of the Chair of Biopro more

  • Breakthrough in organic acid production

    Scientists from Wageningen University & Research, in association with oil and gas company Total, have developed a new process for producing organic acids via a biotechnological method. The discovery of the Monascus ruber micro-organism proved to be the crucial step in the new process. The fungus is more

  • Cooperation between BlueSens and EXPUTEC

    BlueSens gas sensor GmbH and EXPUTEC GmbH cooperate in the future in the field of bioprocess analytics. From the beginning of 2016, the combined CO2/O2 gas analyzer BlueInOne by BlueSens is equipped with the EXPUTEC´s soft sensor for biomass. "As a result of this cooperation BlueSens´ BlueVis softwa more

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