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  • With gene editing, researchers cure blood disorder in fetal mice

    With the combined efforts of three Yale laboratories, researchers conducted the first demonstration of site-specific gene editing in a fetus, correcting a mutation that causes a severe form of anemia. The technique, described in a paper published June 26 in Nature Communications, involves an intrave more

  • Bioverativ to acquire biotechnology company True North Therapeutics

    Bioverativ Inc., a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative therapies for hemophilia and other rare blood disorders, announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire South San Francisco-based True North Therapeutics, a privat more

  • 'Molecular prosthetics' can replace missing proteins to treat disease

    Researchers have demonstrated that a small molecule can transport iron in human cells and live animals when proteins that normally do the same job are missing, a condition that often causes severe anemia in patients. Such "molecular prosthetics" might treat a host of incurable diseases caused by pro more

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Molecular Prosthetics: Small Molecules Replace Missing Proteins

Molecular prosthetics are small molecules that can replace missing proteins to treat diseases. Illinois professor Martin Burke describes one that could treat anemia by replacing an iron transport protein. more

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Anemia Anemia (AmE ) or anæmia/anaemia (BrE ), from the Greek () (an-haîma) meaning "without blood", is a deficiency of red blood cell s (RBCs) and/or hemoglobin . This results in a reduced ability of blood to transfer oxygen to the tissues ... more


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