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  • Can cell ageing be stopped?

    What changes does our organism undergo as we age? The biotechnologists Johannes Grillari and Markus Schosserer study healthy ageing at the cellular level. They have now succeeded in prolonging the lifespan of flies, worms and yeast cells, while increasing their fitness at the same time. The research more

  • Can cocoa consumption help us age better?

    Whether consuming cocoa, known to be packed with powerful antioxidants that protect our cells from damage, helps us age better, is a question scientists want to definitively answer. They are looking for answers in the blood of 600 individuals age 60 and older who participated in the largest trial ev more

  • Scientists discover new regulators of the aging process

    Scientists have discovered that the protein ubiquitin plays an important role in the regulation of the aging process. Ubiquitin was previously known to control numerous processes, such as signal transduction and metabolism. Prof. Dr. David Vilchez and his colleagues at the CECAD Cluster of Excellenc more

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Improving the immune system of older people (UCL research)

As we age our immune systems decline. Older people suffer from increased incidence and severity of both infections and cancer. In addition, vaccination becomes less efficient with age. Researchers from UCL have demonstrated how an interplay between nutrition, metabolism and immunity is involved ... more

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The Chemistry of Rum

For the latest in the alcohol chemistry series, we’re looking at a pirate’s favourite spirit: rum. It’s actually hard to describe what constitutes a rum, because there’s not really a fixed definition; different countries have different standards that rums have to meet. Still, despite the differences more

The Chemistry of Whisky

Whisky is one of the world’s most popular spirits, and comes in many different classes and types. The character and flavour of these differing types vary widely; this, of course, comes down to their varying chemical composition. Here, we take a look at where some of these different compounds come fr more

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Evolution of ageing

Evolution of ageing Enquiry into the evolution of ageing aims to explain why almost all living things weaken and die with age. There is not yet agreement in the scientific community on a single answer. The evolution ary origin of senescence ... more


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