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  • Pea protein, Nanogels and Particle adhesion on surfaces

    From 22-23 May 2019 LUM GmbH hosts the 9th International Conference Dispersion Analysis & Materials Testing in Berlin, Germany. Since 2014 the Young Scientist Award (YSA) recognizes outstanding scientific work by young researchers in the areas of particle and dispersion characterization and material more

  • How pathogenic bacteria prepare a sticky adhesion protein

    Researchers at Harvard Medical School, the University of California, San Francisco, and the University of Georgia have described how the protein that allows strep and staph bacteria to stick to human cells is prepared and packaged. The research could facilitate the development of new antibiotics. Al more

  • Bacterial adhesion in vitro and in silico

    Bacterial pathogens have evolved highly effective strategies that enable them to adhere to target cells and niches in the tissues of their host organisms. As demonstrated, they even make use of relatively unfamiliar physical principles. In collaboration with scientists at the University of Illinois more

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Science friction: Adhesion of complex shapes

We investigate experimentally and numerically adhesion of contacts having complex shape. more

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Focal adhesion

Focal adhesion In cell biology , focal adhesions (also cell-matrix adhesions or FAs) are specific types of large macromolecular assemblies through which both mechanical force and regulatory signals are transmitted. More precisely, they can be ... more


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