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Chile Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2012

BMI View: Chile’s intellectual property (IP) regime continues to be a cause of concern for the manufacturers of innovative pharmaceuticals, with the country listed on the Priority Watch List of the 2012 Special 301 report. While the data protection regime has been improved, concern remains over ...


India Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2012

BMI View: India's pharmaceutical regulator should drop its requirement for local clinical trials in order for a new medicine to receive approval. The country does not have the necessary number of trained professionals to effectively monitor the costly and timely process. Patients would benefit ...


Peru Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2012

BMI View: Based on new historical data for Peru's pharmaceutical sales in 2010 and 2011, we have reevaluated our forecasts for the country. The total market, worth PEN3.90bn (US$1.42bnm) in 2011, is now expected to post a slightly higher five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.6%, as ...


Southern Africa Infrastructure Report Q4 2012

BMI View: We are maintaining our optimistic outlook for Botswana’s construction industry growth over the medium term, based on exceptionally strong growth seen in 2011. Real growth came in at 25.4%, in line with our estimates, driven primarily by ongoing investment into the electricity sector. A ...


Algeria Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2012

BMI View: Algeria will remain of interest to multinational pharmaceutical companies intent on reaching out to emerging markets. However, the country’s full potential will not be reached until the regulatory environment strengthens. Despite its substantial potential rewards, underpinned by a ...


Hong Kong Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2012

BMI View: Despite an increasingly ageing population (consequently increasing burden of noncommunicable diseases), Hong Kong will only be moderately attractive to investors given its small market size. While the dominance of patented medicines is set to continue in the medium term, ...


Canada Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2012

BMI View: The stable economic and political environment in Canada will help pharmaceutical companies to generate a consistent market growth in Q412. However, drugmakers will continue to face pricing pressure from the government and patent cliff effects in the country. Nevertheless, ...


Uganda Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2012

BMI View: Economic growth and the resulting increase in Uganda's middle-class population will lead to rising demand for quality healthcare services as incomes improve. Investment into private healthcare facilities in Uganda in order to meet the demand for services is therefore an advisable ...


Romania Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q2 2012

BMI View: Following the resignation of Emil Boc and his government in February 2012, there is now considerable uncertainty with regard to reform of the Romanian healthcare sector. In particular, draft structural healthcare reforms which were pulled in January – but were nevertheless expected to ...


Jordan Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2012

BMI View: We believe despite a temporary cash flow crisis for private hospitals in Jordan they will still have profited greatly from the influx of Libyan patients since the end of the civil war in 2011. It is our view that hospitals are likely to be reimbursed for all the procedures performed, ...


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