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Prognostic value of PLA2R autoimmunity detected by measurement of anti-PLA2R antibodies combined with detection of PLA2R antigen in membranous nephropathy: A single-centre study over 14 years

03.03.2017 | Franck Pourcine; Karine Dahan; Fabrice Mihout; Marine Cachanado; Isabelle Brocheriou; Hanna Debiec; Pierre Ronco, PLoS ONE, 2017

by Franck Pourcine, Karine Dahan, Fabrice Mihout, Marine Cachanado, Isabelle Brocheriou, Hanna Debiec, Pierre Ronco Introduction Clinical course of membranous nephropathy (MN) is difficult to predict. Measurement of circulating anti-PLA2R autoantibodies (PLA2R-Ab) and detection in immune ...


The Impact of the Packaging System on the Stability of Blood Samples Used for Safety Assessments in Clinical Trials

01.02.2017 | Andreas Obers, Joanna Atemnkeng, Barbara von Bühler, Stephan Wnendt, pharmind, 2017

Reliable shipment of clinical blood, serum and plasma samples from remote sites to central labs for standardized analyses is increasingly important in medicnal product trials. This study investigates the benefits of dedicated packaging for protecting such samples from extreme seasonal temperature ...


2‐Benzamido‐4‐methylthiazole‐5‐carboxylic Acid Derivatives as Potential Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors and Free Radical Scavengers

30.01.2017 | Md. Rahmat Ali, Suresh Kumar, Obaid Afzal, Nishtha Shalmali, Wazid Ali, Manju Sharma, Sandhya Bawa, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2017

The new chemical entities febuxostat and topiroxostat have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, opening new avenues for exploiting different heterocycles other than purines as xanthine oxidase (XO) inhibitors. A different series of substituted ...


Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of 6‐(2‐Amino‐substituted phenyl)‐4‐(substituted phenyl)‐1,2,4‐triazine‐3,5(2H,4H)‐dione Derivatives as Anticonvulsant Agents

21.03.2016 | Ahsan Ahmed Khan, Nadeem Siddiqui, Md. Jawaid Akhtar, Zulphikar Ali, Mohammad Shahar Yar, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2016

As per structural requirement essential for anticonvulsant activity, a series of new 6‐(2‐amino‐substituted phenyl)‐4‐(substituted phenyl)‐1,2,4‐triazine‐3,5‐dione derivatives were designed and synthesized. All the synthesized title derivatives were assessed for in vivo anticonvulsant screening ...


Monte Carlo Method‐Based QSAR Modeling of Penicillins Binding to Human Serum Proteins

18.11.2014 | Jovana B. Veselinović, Andrey A. Toropov, Alla P. Toropova, Goran M. Nikolić, Aleksandar M. Veselinović, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2014

The binding of penicillins to human serum proteins was modeled with optimal descriptors based on the Simplified Molecular Input‐Line Entry System (SMILES). The concentrations of protein‐bound drug for 87 penicillins expressed as percentage of the total plasma concentration were used as ...


Behrings Nachlässe – Behrings Biographien

12.09.2014 | Ulrike Enke, Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte, 2014

Abstract Behring’s Personal Papers – Behring’s Lives. The article wants to show the connection between the enriched personal papers of Emil von Behring (1854–1917) in the Behring archives in Marburg (established in 1927) and the history of the first biography of the scientist, which was ...


Curcumin Regulates VSMC Phenotype Transition via Modulation of Notch and Wnt Signaling Pathways

06.03.2013 | Jing Chen, Lin Xu, Xiaorong Hu, Jing Zhang, Changwu Xu, Guoqing Li, Hong Jiang, Drug Development Research, 2013

Abstract In the development of cardiovascular diseases, vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) undergo transition from a contractile to a synthetic phenotype. Notch‐ and Wnt‐dependent signaling pathways play a critical role during this process. Curcumin has potential for clinical ...


Synthesis and Protective Effects of Novel Salidroside Analogues on Glucose and Serum Depletion Induced Apoptosis in PC12 Cells

26.02.2013 | Yahong Zhao, Yong Ling, Jing Zhao, Ying Yuan, Yibin Guo, Qiong Liu, Bingxin Wu, Zuoyou Ding, Yumin Yang, Archiv der Pharmazie, 2013

Abstract Salidroside is a natural product isolated from Rhodiola rosea L. which possesses a wide range of biological activities, especially neuroprotective effects in the treatment of ischemic stroke. In an attempt to improve its neuroprotective effects, a series of novel salidroside analogues ...


Füttern und gefüttert werden. Versorgungskreisläufe und Nahrungsregimes im Königlich Preußischen Institut für experimentelle Therapie, ca. 1900 bis 1910

30.11.2012 | Axel C. Hüntelmann, Berichte zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte, 2012

Abstract Feeding and Being Fed. Supply Cycles and Nutrition Regimes at the Royal Prussian Institute for Experimental Therapy, 1900 to 1910. The article explores the everyday life and especially the feeding practices in the laboratories of the Institute for Experimental Therapy and the Georg ...


Dual‐Acting Diether Derivatives of Piperidine and Homopiperidine with Histamine H3 Receptor Antagonistic and Anticholinesterase Activity

02.05.2012 | Bajda, Marek; Kuder, Kamil J.; Łażewska, Dorota; Kieć‐Kononowicz, Katarzyna; Więckows ..., Archiv der Pharmazie, 2012

Abstract The study presents novel biological properties of diether derivatives of homo‐ or substituted piperidine ligands of the histamine H3 receptor. The compounds were evaluated for their inhibitory potency against acetylcholinesterase (AChE) from the electric eel and butyrylcholinesterase ...


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