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Role of the novel endoribonuclease SLFN14 and its disease-causing mutations in ribosomal degradation [ARTICLE]

01.07.2018 | Sarah J. Fletcher; Vera P. Pisareva; Abdullah O. Khan; Andrew Tcherepanov; Neil V. Morgan; Andrey V. Pisarev, RNA, 2018

Platelets are anucleate and mostly ribosome-free cells within the bloodstream, derived from megakaryocytes within bone marrow and crucial for cessation of bleeding at sites of injury. Inherited thrombocytopenias are a group of disorders characterized by a low platelet count and are frequently ...


Simultaneous sequencing of coding and noncoding RNA reveals a human transcriptome dominated by a small number of highly expressed noncoding genes [ARTICLE]

01.07.2018 | Vincent Boivin; Gabrielle Deschamps-Francoeur; Sonia Couture; Ryan M. Nottingham; Philia Bouchard-Bourelle; Alan M. ..., RNA, 2018

Comparing the abundance of one RNA molecule to another is crucial for understanding cellular functions but most sequencing techniques can target only specific subsets of RNA. In this study, we used a new fragmented ribodepleted TGIRT sequencing method that uses a thermostable group II intron ...


Hydrogen peroxide is a neuronal alarmin that triggers specific RNAs, local translation of Annexin A2, and cytoskeletal remodeling in Schwann cells [ARTICLE]

01.07.2018 | Samuele Negro; Marco Stazi; Marta Marchioretto; Toma Tebaldi; Umberto Rodella; Elisa Duregotti; Volker Gerke; Alessa ..., RNA, 2018

Schwann cells are key players in neuro-regeneration: They sense "alarm" signals released by degenerating nerve terminals and differentiate toward a proregenerative phenotype, with phagocytosis of nerve debris and nerve guidance. At the murine neuromuscular junction, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a ...


Sample-to-sample p-value variability and its implications for multivariate analysis

29.06.2018 | Wei Wang; Wilson Wen Bin Goh, International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications, 2018

Sample-to-sample p-value variability and its implications for multivariate analysisWei Wang; Wilson Wen Bin GohInternational Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications, Vol. 14, No. 3 (2018) pp. 235 - 254Statistical feature selection is used for identification of relevant genes from ...


Sex reversal following deletion of a single distal enhancer of Sox9

29.06.2018 | Nitzan Gonen; Chris R. Futtner; Sophie Wood; S. Alexandra Garcia-Moreno; Isabella M. Salamone; Shiela C. Samson; Ryo ..., Science , 2018

Cell fate decisions require appropriate regulation of key genes. Sox9, a direct target of SRY, is pivotal in mammalian sex determination. In vivo high-throughput chromatin accessibility techniques, transgenic assays, and genome editing revealed several novel gonadal regulatory elements in the ...


Altered circadian genes expression in breast cancer tissue according to the clinical characteristics

29.06.2018 | Monika Lesicka; Ewa Jabłońska; Edyta Wieczorek; Barbara Seroczyńska; Anna Siekierzycka; Jarosław Skokowski; Leszek K ..., PLoS ONE, 2018

by Monika Lesicka, Ewa Jabłońska, Edyta Wieczorek, Barbara Seroczyńska, Anna Siekierzycka, Jarosław Skokowski, Leszek Kalinowski, Wojciech Wąsowicz, Edyta Reszka Breast cancer has a multifactorial etiology. One of the supposed and novel mechanisms is an alteration of circadian gene expression. ...


Blood test may predict cancer immunotherapy benefit

29.06.2018 | Ken Garber, Science , 2018

Some cancers generate the seeds of their own destruction. Ten years ago, researchers discovered that certain random mutations that accumulate in rapidly dividing tumor cells can spur the immune system to attack the cancer. Lately, researchers have found that the extent of such mutations can ...


Duplication of a Pks gene cluster and subsequent functional diversification facilitate environmental adaptation in Metarhizium species

29.06.2018 | Guohong Zeng; Peng Zhang; Qiangqiang Zhang; Hong Zhao; Zixin Li; Xing Zhang; Chengshu Wang; Wen-Bing Yin; Weiguo Fang, PLoS Genetics, 2018

by Guohong Zeng, Peng Zhang, Qiangqiang Zhang, Hong Zhao, Zixin Li, Xing Zhang, Chengshu Wang, Wen-Bing Yin, Weiguo Fang The ecological importance of the duplication and diversification of gene clusters that synthesize secondary metabolites in fungi remains poorly understood. Here, we ...


Molecular identification and functional characterization of the cathepsin B gene (Ab-cb-1) in the plant parasitic nematode Aphelenchoides besseyi

29.06.2018 | Hong-Le Wang; Xi Cheng; Shan-Wen Ding; Dong-Wei Wang; Chun Chen; Chun-Ling Xu; Hui Xie, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Hong-Le Wang, Xi Cheng, Shan-Wen Ding, Dong-Wei Wang, Chun Chen, Chun-Ling Xu, Hui Xie The rice white tip nematode, Aphelenchoides besseyi, is widely distributed in rice planting areas worldwide and causes serious economic losses. Cathepsin genes have been demonstrated to have importance in ...


Is cancer a breakdown of multicellularity?

29.06.2018 | Elizabeth Pennisi, Science , 2018

A decade ago, a radical theory of cancer emerged: that this plague of multicellular organisms arises when multicellularity breaks down, and cells start acting as if they were on their own. Recently computational cancer biologists examined gene expression in seven types of solid cancers and traced ...


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