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An MRM‐Based Cytokeratin Marker Assay as a Tool for Cancer Studies: Application to Lung‐Cancer Pleural Effusions

20.01.2018 | Anna Perzanowska, Agnieszka Fatalska, Grzegorz Wojtas, Andrzej Lewandowicz, Agata Michalak, Grzegorz Krasowski, Chri ..., PROTEOMICS, 2018

Abstract Purpose : The goal of this work was to develop an LC‐MRM assay for the quantitative analysis of a set of established and diagnostically important cytokeratin (CK) markers used in cancer diagnosis, prognosis and therapy monitoring. Secondly, the potential of this assay in lung cancer ...


Identification of p90 Ribosomal S6 Kinase 2 as a Novel Host Protein in HBx Augmenting HBV Replication by iTRAQ‐based Quantitative Comparative Proteomics

19.01.2018 | Li‐Bo Yan, You‐Jia Yu, Qing‐Bo Zhang, Xiao‐Qiong Tang, Lang Bai, FeiJun Huang, Hong Tang, PROTEOMICS, 2018

Abstract Purpose : The aim of this study was to screen for novel host proteins that play a role in HBx augmenting HBV replication. Experimental design : Three HepG2 cell lines stably harboring different functional domain of HBx (HBx, HBx‐Cm6, and HBx‐Cm16) were cultured. ITRAQ ...


Proteomics Analysis of Skeletal Muscle from Leptin‐Deficient Ob/Ob Mice Reveals Adaptive Remodeling of Metabolic Characteristics and Fiber Type Composition

19.01.2018 | Milena Schönke, Marie Björnholm, Alexander V. Chibalin, Juleen R. Zierath, Atul S. Deshmukh, PROTEOMICS, 2018

Abstract Skeletal muscle insulin resistance, an early metabolic defect in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes, may be a cause or consequence of altered protein expressions profiles. Proteomics technology offers enormous promise to investigate molecular mechanisms underlying pathologies, ...


Variability Assessment of 90 Salivary Proteins in Intra‐Day and Inter‐Day Samples from Healthy Donors by Multiple Reaction Monitoring‐Mass Spectrometry

19.01.2018 | Yung‐Chin Hsiao, Lichieh Julie Chu, Yi‐Ting Chen, Lang‐Ming Chi, Kun‐Yi Chien, Wei‐Fan Chiang, Ya‐Ting Chang, Szu‐Fa ..., PROTEOMICS, 2018

Abstract Purpose Saliva is an attractive sample source for the biomarker‐based testing of several diseases, especially oral cancer. Here, we sought to apply multiplexed LC‐MRM‐MS to precisely quantify 90 disease‐related proteins and assess their intra‐ and inter‐individual variability in ...


Assessment by Matrix‐Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Time‐of‐Flight Mass Spectrometry of the Effects of Preanalytical Variables on Serum Peptidome Profiles Following Long‐Term Sample Storage

19.01.2018 | Sachio Tsuchida, Mamoru Satoh, Hiroshi Umemura, Kazuyuki Sogawa, Masaki Takiwaki, Takayuki Ishige, Yui Miyabayashi, ..., PROTEOMICS, 2018

Purpose Human serum and plasma are often used as clinical specimens in proteomics analyses, and peptidome profiling of human serum is a promising tool for identifying novel disease‐associated biomarkers. Matrix‐assisted laser desorption/ionization time‐of‐flight mass spectrometry (MALDI‐TOF ...


Exoproteome Profiling Reveals the Involvement of the foldase PrsA in the Cell Surface Properties and Pathogenesis of Staphylococcus aureus

15.01.2018 | Mei‐Hui Lin, Chi‐Chun Li, Jwu‐Ching Shu, Hao‐Wei Chu, Chao‐Chin Liu, Chih‐Ching Wu, PROTEOMICS, 2018

Abstract Staphylococcus aureus is a bacterial pathogen that produces and exports many virulence factors that cause diseases in human. PrsA, a membrane‐bound foldase, is expressed ubiquitously in Gram‐positive bacteria and required for the folding of exported proteins into a stable and active ...


The Plantain Proteome, A Focus on Allele Specific Proteins Obtained from Plantain Fruits

15.01.2018 | Nádia A. Campos, Rony Swennen, Sebastien C. Carpentier, PROTEOMICS, 2018

Abstract Proteomics has been applied with great potential to elucidate molecular mechanisms in plants. This is especially valid in the case of non‐model crops of which their genome has not been sequenced yet, or is not well annotated. Plantains are a kind of cooking bananas that are ...


The Sarda Sheep Host Fecal Proteome

12.01.2018 | Antonio Palomba, Alessandro Tanca, Maria Filippa Addis, Daniela Pagnozzi, Sergio Uzzau, PROTEOMICS, 2018

Abstract We recently reported the first characterization of the sheep fecal microbiota, obtained by using a multi‐meta‐omic approach. Here, the mass spectra generated by single‐run LC/high‐resolution MS in the context of that study were reanalyzed using a host‐specific database, in order to ...


Computational Tools for the Identification and Interpretation of Sequence Motifs in Immunopeptidomes

12.01.2018 | Bruno Alvarez, Carolina Barra, Morten Nielsen, Massimo Andreatta, PROTEOMICS, 2018

Abstract Recent advances in proteomics and mass‐spectrometry have widely expanded the detectable peptide repertoire presented by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules on the cell surface, collectively known as the immunopeptidome. Finely characterizing the immunopeptidome brings ...


Systematic Evaluation of Protein Sequence Filtering Algorithms for Proteoform Identification Using Top‐Down Mass Spectrometry

12.01.2018 | Qiang Kou, Si Wu, Xiaowen Liu, PROTEOMICS, 2018

Abstract Complex proteoforms contain various primary structural alterations resulting from variations in genes, RNA, and proteins. Top‐down mass spectrometry is commonly used for analyzing complex proteoforms because it provides whole sequence information of the proteoforms. Proteoform ...


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