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Keikipukalides, Furanocembrane Diterpenes from the Antarctic Deep Sea Octocoral Plumarella delicatissima

20.12.2017 | Santana A. L. Thomas; Jacqueline L. von Salm; Shane Clark; Steve Ferlita; Prasanth Nemani; Ala Azhari; Christopher A ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2017

During a 2013 cruise in the Southern Ocean we collected specimens of the octocoral Plumarella delicatissima between 800 and 950 m depth. Five new furanocembranoid diterpenes, keikipukalides A–E (1–5), the known diterpene pukalide aldehyde (6), and the known norditerpenoid ineleganolide (7) were ...


Oxygenated N-Acyl Alanine Methyl Esters (NAMEs) from the Marine Bacterium Roseovarius tolerans EL-164

20.12.2017 | Hilke Bruns; Jennifer Herrmann; Rolf Müller; Hui Wang; Irene Wagner Döbler; Stefan Schulz, Journal of Natural Products, 2017

The marine bacterium Roseovarius tolerans EL-164 (Rhodobacteraceae) can produce unique N-acylalanine methyl esters (NAMEs) besides strucutrally related N-acylhomoserine lactones (AHLs), bacterial signaling compounds widespread in the Rhodobacteraceae. The structures of two unprecedented NAMEs ...


Correction to Apratoxin E, a Cytotoxic Peptolide from a Guamanian Collection of the Marine Cyanobacterium Lyngbya bouillonii

19.12.2017 | Susan Matthew; Peter J. Schupp; Hendrik Luesch, Journal of Natural Products, 2017

Journal of Natural Products DOI: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.7b00982


Regioselective IBX-Mediated Synthesis of Coumarin Derivatives with Antioxidant and Anti-influenza Activities

13.12.2017 | Bruno M. Bizzarri; Lorenzo Botta; Eliana Capecchi; Ignacio Celestino; Paola Checconi; Anna T. Palamara; Lucia Nencio ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2017

Different catechol and pyrogallol derivatives have been synthesized by oxidation of coumarins with 2-iodoxybenzoic acid (IBX) in DMSO at 25 °C. A high regioselectivity was observed in accordance with the stability order of the incipient carbocation or radical benzylic-like intermediate. The ...


Pimentelamines A–C, Indole Alkaloids Isolated from the Leaves of the Australian Tree Flindersia pimenteliana

13.12.2017 | Luke P. Robertson; Sandra Duffy; Yun Wang; Dongdong Wang; Vicky M. Avery; Anthony R. Carroll, Journal of Natural Products, 2017

Journal of Natural Products DOI: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.7b00587


Sesqui- and Diterpenoids from the Radix of Curcuma aromatica

13.12.2017 | Shengjuan Dong; Baocai Li; Weifeng Dai; Dong Wang; Yi Qin; Mi Zhang, Journal of Natural Products, 2017

Eight new sesquiterpenoids (1–8), two new diterpenoids (9 and 10), and 17 known sesqui- and diterpenoids (11–27) were isolated from the radix of Curcuma aromatica. Among these compounds, 1 is an unprecedented guaiane with unique cyclopropane and furan functionalities, and 9 is the first atisane ...


Artocarmins G–M, Prenylated 4-Chromenones from the Stems of Artocarpus rigida and Their Tyrosinase Inhibitory Activities

11.12.2017 | Mai T. T. Nguyen; Tho H. Le; Hai X. Nguyen; Phu H. Dang; Truong N. V. Do; Manabu Abe; Ryukichi Takagi; Nhan T. Nguyen, Journal of Natural Products, 2017

Journal of Natural Products DOI: 10.1021/acs.jnatprod.7b00453


Activity of Icacinol from Icacina trichantha on Seedling Growth of Oryza sativa and Arabidopsis thaliana

11.12.2017 | Ming Zhao; Brian Guo; Michael M. Onakpa; Tiffany Wong; Kyo Wakasa; Chun-Tao Che; Katherine Warpeha, Journal of Natural Products, 2017

Broadleaf weeds are very costly for crop growers. Additional herbicidal compounds need to be obtained, especially from natural sources. Extracts of Icacina trichantha were evaluated for responses in germinating seeds and seedlings of rice (Oryza sativa) and Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana). An ...


Treatment of Vinca minor Leaves with Methyl Jasmonate Extensively Alters the Pattern and Composition of Indole Alkaloids

13.11.2017 | Sara Abouzeid; Ulrike Beutling; Frank Surup; Fatma M. Abdel Bar; Mohamed M. Amer; Farid A. Badria; Mahdi Yahyazadeh; ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2017

Alkaloids extracted from mature Vinca minor leaves were fractionated by preparative HPLC. By means of HRMS and NMR data, the main alkaloids were identified as vincamine, strictamine, 10-hydroxycathofoline, and vincadifformine. Upon treatment with methyl jasmonate (MeJA), the pattern and ...


Antiproliferative Dimeric Aporphinoid Alkaloids from the Roots of Thalictrum cultratum

13.11.2017 | Da-Hong Li; Jian-Yong Li; Chun-Mei Xue; Tong Han; Chun-Mei Sai; Kai-Bo Wang; Jin-Cai Lu; Yong-Kui Jing; Hui-Ming Hua ..., Journal of Natural Products, 2017

Inspired by the intriguing structures and bioactivities of dimeric alkaloids, 11 new thalifaberine-type aporphine-benzylisoquinoline alkaloids, thalicultratines A–K, a tetrahydroprotoberberine-aporphine alkaloid, thalicultratine L, and five known ones were isolated from the roots of Thalictrum ...


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