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Spared perception of object geometry and object components after hippocampal damage [BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS]

01.07.2018 | Zhisen J. Urgolites; Daniel A. Levy; Ramona O. Hopkins; Larry R. Squire, Learning & Memory, 2018

We tested the proposal that medial temporal lobe (MTL) structures support not just memory but also high-level object perception. In one task, participants decided whether a line drawing could represent an object in three-dimensional space and, in another task, they saw the components of an object ...


Cued fear memory generalization increases over time [RESEARCH]

01.07.2018 | Gabrielle A. Pollack; Jessica L. Bezek; Serena H. Lee; Miranda J. Scarlata; Leah T. Weingast; Hadley C. Bergstrom, Learning & Memory, 2018

Fear memory is a highly stable and durable form of memory, even over vast (remote) time frames. Nevertheless, some elements of fear memory can be forgotten, resulting in generalization. The purpose of this study is to determine how cued fear memory generalizes over time and measure underlying ...


Properties of visual episodic memory following repeated encounters with objects [RESEARCH]

01.07.2018 | Mark W. Schurgin; Jonathan I. Flombaum, Learning & Memory, 2018

A person sees an object once, and then seconds, minutes, hours, days, or weeks later, she sees it again. How is the person's visual memory for that object changed, improved, or degraded by the second encounter, compared to a situation in which she will have only seen the object once? The answer ...


T-type calcium channels in the orbitofrontal cortex mediate sensory integration as measured using a spontaneous oddity task in rats [RESEARCH]

01.07.2018 | Wendie N. Marks; Madeline E. Parker; Nadine K. Zabder; Quentin Greba; Terrance P. Snutch; John G. Howland, Learning & Memory, 2018

The roles of low-voltage-activated (T-type) calcium channels in brain diseases have been studied extensively. Less is known regarding the involvement of T-type channels in cognition and behavior. Sensory integration (SI) is a cognitive process whereby the brain uses unimodal or multimodal sensory ...


Differential development of retroactive and proactive interference during post-learning wakefulness [BRIEF COMMUNICATIONS]

01.07.2018 | Timothy P. Brawn; Howard C. Nusbaum; Daniel Margoliash, Learning & Memory, 2018

Newly encoded, labile memories are prone to disruption during post-learning wakefulness. Here we examine the contributions of retroactive and proactive interference to daytime forgetting on an auditory classification task in a songbird. While both types of interference impair performance, they do ...


Role of the novel endoribonuclease SLFN14 and its disease-causing mutations in ribosomal degradation [ARTICLE]

01.07.2018 | Sarah J. Fletcher; Vera P. Pisareva; Abdullah O. Khan; Andrew Tcherepanov; Neil V. Morgan; Andrey V. Pisarev, RNA, 2018

Platelets are anucleate and mostly ribosome-free cells within the bloodstream, derived from megakaryocytes within bone marrow and crucial for cessation of bleeding at sites of injury. Inherited thrombocytopenias are a group of disorders characterized by a low platelet count and are frequently ...


7SL RNA in vertebrate red blood cells [REPORT]

01.07.2018 | Gaëlle J.S. Talhouarne; Joseph G. Gall, RNA, 2018

We report that 7SL, the RNA component of the signal recognition particle (SRP), is an abundant noncoding RNA (ncRNA) in mature red blood cells (RBCs) of human, mouse, and the frog Xenopus. 7SL RNA in RBCs is not associated with the canonical proteins of the SRP. Instead, it coimmunoprecipitates ...


Assembly of the small ribosomal subunit in yeast: mechanism and regulation [REVIEW]

01.07.2018 | Malik Chaker-Margot, RNA, 2018

The eukaryotic ribosome is made of four intricately folded ribosomal RNAs and 79 proteins. During rapid growth, yeast cells produce an incredible 2000 ribosomes every minute. Ribosome assembly involves more than 200 trans-acting factors, intervening from the transcription of the preribosomal RNA ...


Structure-function analysis of Sua5 protein reveals novel functional motifs required for the biosynthesis of the universal t6A tRNA modification [ARTICLE]

01.07.2018 | Adeline Pichard-Kostuch; Wenhua Zhang; Dominique Liger; Marie-Claire Daugeron; Juliette Létoquart; Ines Li de la Sie ..., RNA, 2018

N6-threonyl-carbamoyl adenosine (t6A) is a universal tRNA modification found at position 37, next to the anticodon, in almost all tRNAs decoding ANN codons (where N = A, U, G, or C). t6A stabilizes the codon–anticodon interaction and hence promotes translation fidelity. The first step of the ...


Simultaneous sequencing of coding and noncoding RNA reveals a human transcriptome dominated by a small number of highly expressed noncoding genes [ARTICLE]

01.07.2018 | Vincent Boivin; Gabrielle Deschamps-Francoeur; Sonia Couture; Ryan M. Nottingham; Philia Bouchard-Bourelle; Alan M. ..., RNA, 2018

Comparing the abundance of one RNA molecule to another is crucial for understanding cellular functions but most sequencing techniques can target only specific subsets of RNA. In this study, we used a new fragmented ribodepleted TGIRT sequencing method that uses a thermostable group II intron ...


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