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Ultradepletion of Human Plasma using Chicken Antibodies: A Proof of Concept Study

Human plasma arguably represents the most comprehensive version of the human proteome. Despite its immense theoretical discovery potential, plasma has many high and medium abundance proteins that mask low abundance protein disease biomarkers of relevance, making the discovery of novel diagnostic markers particularly difficult. Some form of protein depletion and/or fractionation is essential in order to detect markers of low abundance. Here, we describe a “proof of concept” two-pronged approach to immunodeplete abundant proteins from human plasma. The method, called API (Abundant Protein Immunodepletion), involves the fractionation of plasma using dual ion exchange columns (protein repetitive orthogonal offline fractionation (PROOF)) to simplify the proteome, the production of polyclonal IgY against each fraction and finally using the purified antibodies in a immunodepletion column. We explored the use of this product for immunodepletion of human plasma and identified a total of 165 nonredundant proteins a...

Autoren:   Sock-Hwee Tan; Abidali Mohamedali; Amit Kapur; Mark S. Baker
Journal:   Journal of Proteome Research
Jahrgang:   2013
DOI:   10.1021/pr3007182
Erscheinungsdatum:   16.05.2013
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