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A stress recovery signaling network for enhanced flooding tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana [Plant Biology]

Flooding due to extreme weather events can be highly detrimental to plant development and yield. Speedy recovery following stress removal is an important determinant of tolerance, yet mechanisms regulating this remain largely uncharacterized. We identified a regulatory network in Arabidopsis thaliana that controls water loss and senescence to influence recovery from prolonged submergence. Targeted control of the molecular mechanisms facilitating stress recovery identified here could potentially improve performance of crops in flood-prone areas.

Autoren:   Elaine Yeung; Hans van Veen; Divya Vashisht; Ana Luiza Sobral Paiva; Maureen Hummel; Tom Rankenberg; Bianka Steffens; Anja Steffen-Heins; Margret Sauter; Michel de Vries; Robert C. Schuurink; Jérémie Bazin; Julia Bailey-Serres; Laurentius A. C. J. Voesenek; Rashmi Sasidharan
Journal:   Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue
Band:   115
Ausgabe:   26
Jahrgang:   2018
Seiten:   E6085
DOI:   10.1073/pnas.1803841115
Erscheinungsdatum:   26.06.2018
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