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Pharmacokinetics of multiple doses of Co‐Crystal of Tramadol‐Celecoxib: findings from a 4‐way randomized open‐label Phase I clinical trial

Summary Aim

We compared the pharmacokinetic (PK) profiles of Co‐Crystal of Tramadol‐Celecoxib (CTC) versus each reference product (alone and in open combination) after single (first dose) and multiple dosing.


Healthy adults aged 18–50 years received, under fasted conditions, 15 twice‐daily doses of the following treatments (separated by ≥14‐day wash‐out): 200 mg immediate‐release (IR) CTC (equivalent to 88 mg tramadol and 112 mg celecoxib; Treatment‐1); 100 mg IR tramadol (Treatment‐2), 100 mg celecoxib (Treatment‐3); and 100 mg IR tramadol and 100 mg celecoxib (Treatment‐4). Treatment sequence was assigned by computer‐generated randomization. PK parameters were calculated using non‐compartmental analysis. Parameters for CTC were adjusted according to reference product dose.


Thirty subjects (20 males, mean age 35 years) were included. Multiple‐dose tramadol PK parameters for Treatments‐1, ‐2 and ‐4, respectively, were 551, 632 and 661 ng ml‐1 (mean maximum plasma concentration [Cmax]); 4796, 4990 and 5284 ng h ml‐1 (area under the plasma concentration–time curve over the dosing interval at steady state); and 3.0, 2.0 and 2.0 h (median time to Cmax at steady state). For Treatments‐1, ‐3 and ‐4, multiple‐dose celecoxib PK parameters were 445, 536 and 396 ng ml‐1; 2803, 3366 and 2897 ng h ml‐1; and 2.0, 2.0 and 3.0 h. Single‐dose findings were consistent with multiple‐dose data. Types of adverse events were consistent with known reference product safety profiles.


After single (first dose) and multiple dosing, PK parameters of each active pharmaceutical ingredient in CTC were modified by co‐crystallization compared with reference products alone or in open combination.

Autoren:   Sebastián Videla, Mounia Lahjou, Anna Vaqué, Mariano Sust, Marisol Escriche, Lluis Soler, Artur Sans, Eric Sicard, Neus Gascón, Gregorio Encina, Carlos Plata‐Salamán
Journal:   British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology
Jahrgang:   2017
Seiten:   n/a
DOI:   10.1111/bcp.13428
Erscheinungsdatum:   09.09.2017
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