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Efficient Receptor Mediated siRNA Delivery in Vitro by Folic Acid Targeted Pentablock Copolymer-Based Micelleplexes

Novel, biocompatible polyplexes, based on the combination of cationic pentablock copolymers with folic acid functionalized copolymers, were designed and developed for target-specific siRNA delivery. The resulting micelleplexes spontaneously formed polymeric micelles with a hydrophobic core surrounded directly by a cationic poly-2-(4-aminobutyl)-oxazole (PABOXA) and subsequently shielded by hydrophilic poly-2-methyl-oxazole (PMOXA) layer. The described micelleplexes form highly stable particles even in complete serum after 24 h compared with the highly cationic polymer PEI, which show aggregate formation in serum containing buffer solution. Targeted siRNA delivery and gene knockdown could be shown using green fluorescent protein (GFP) expressing HeLa cells, resulting in ∼31% and ∼8% suppression of the expression of GFP for targeted and nontargeted micelleplexes, respectively. Comparison studies of folic-receptor positive HeLa cells with normal folic-receptor-negative HEK293 cells revealed involvement of re...

Autoren:   Roman Lehner; Kegang Liu; Xueya Wang; Patrick Hunziker
Journal:   Biomacromolecules
Jahrgang:   2017
DOI:   10.1021/acs.biomac.7b00851
Erscheinungsdatum:   25.07.2017
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