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Your OEM-Developer for Medical and Diagnostic Devices

We develop, certify and produce your “future device“ according to ISO 13485 – Made in Germany

Your OEM-developer for medical and diagnostic devices

Dental imaging system based on computed radiography, Imaging system based on imaging plates for life sciences and material sciences

Fluorescence scanner for biochip applications in research and diagnostics (IVD), Automatized robotic system for chemosenitive samples

Dental electrophoresis device for manufacturing of tooth crowns, Microprocessor controlled medical device for grinding and aspiration (POC)

Lab instruments like thermo shakers, aspiration systems for life sciences, diagnostics and chemistry

DITABIS stands since 1996 for custom development and production of devices and system components in the strongly regulated markets of medical and life science industry. Our OEM partners from diagnostics, medical and laboratory equipment value our applicative knowledge and our technical expertise which is reflected in clever inexpensive device concepts. We manufacture the developed devices in our own series production with the highest quality – for worldwide successful products!

You define the customer requirements for the diagnostic, laboratory or medical equipment and we provide first design proposals. The commonly defined requirements including our innovative solutions will be finalized in a well concerted system requirements and specifications document. Now DITABIS performs the detailed development of mechanics, electronics, optics and software upon completion. After mutual verification and validation of the prototypes the transfer into series production is complemented by all certifications (CE, FDA etc.) according to international standards of your target markets. All processes are supported by a comprehensive risk management. Subsequently the OEM series production starts within the product life cycle including future product modifications. In addition we offer sophisticated logistics and service concepts.

Our benefits at a glance

  • Research and application of innovative technologies
  • Design of devices covering all development disciplines
  • Product certifications in accordance with international standards
  • Cost-effective series production of small to large quantities
  • Logistics and service concepts
  • Friendly and cooperative customer relationships with our OEM partners
  • Flexibility and speed of a medium-sized company
  • Cooperation with selected audited suppliers
  • Made in Baden-Württemberg

Our core competencies

  • Table top lab, diagnostic and medical devices
  • Fluorescence and luminescence detection, photometry, Lab on a chip
  • X-ray detection
  • CCD and CMOS-detectors including image processing and data evaluation
  • Imaging plate technology for medicine, science and industry
  • Profound application knowledge of our scientists
  • Ambitious electronics, firmware, software, mechanics and automation
  • 3D-Construction with INVENTOR (AutoCAD)
  • Complex analogue and digital circuits
  • Several design awards for housing designs and user interfaces
  • Metal sheet, plastics, and injection molding housings
  • Touch panel glass fronts and/or PC-control
  • Adaption/integration to/into the design of our OEM customer (Corporate Identity)
  • Close cooperation between development and production guarantees viable solutions
  • Use of modern technical tools leads to optimum results
  • High economy through cost optimization from the outset
  • Quality management according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and DIN EN ISO 13485:2012
  • EU directives (amongst others) 98/79/EG (IVD) und 93/42/EWG (medical devices)
  • Safety/Risk management and approvals according to country-specific standards

Our 20 years of experience as an OEM full service partner of medical and diagnostic devices will assure that even your most challenging projects will get successfully into the market within shortest time.

Request information now or download our brochure.

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