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59 Newest Publications about the topic greenhouse gases


Global emissions of refrigerants HCFC-22 and HFC-134a: Unforeseen seasonal contributions [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences]

09-Dec-2014 | Bin Xiang; Prabir K. Patra; Stephen A. Montzka; Scot M. Miller; James W. Elkins; Fred L. Moore; Elliot L. Atlas; Ben ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2014

HCFC-22 (CHClF2) and HFC-134a (CH2FCF3) are two major gases currently used worldwide in domestic and commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. HCFC-22 contributes to stratospheric ozone depletion, and both species are potent greenhouse gases. In this work, we study in situ observations of ...


This Week in Science

05-Dec-2014 | H. Jesse Smith, Science , 2014

Bringing up the problem of ice shelf melting | Eels shock their prey into risky behavior | A two-cell collaboration for inflammation | Theoretical chemistry can withstand the pressure | Epigenetic control during herpes virus infection | An ounce of prevention is better than violence | Using light ...


Recent climate and air pollution impacts on Indian agriculture [Sustainability Science]

18-Nov-2014 | Jennifer Burney; V. Ramanathan, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2014

Recent research on the agricultural impacts of climate change has primarily focused on the roles of temperature and precipitation. These studies show that India has already been negatively affected by recent climate trends. However, anthropogenic climate changes are a result of both global ...


Bioenergy in Mexico: Status and perspective

14-Oct-2014 | Gibrán S. Alemán‐Nava, Alexander Meneses‐Jácome, Diana L. Cárdenas‐Chávez, Rocío Díaz‐Chavez, Nicolae Scarlat, Jean‐ ..., Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining, 2014

Abstract Mexico's government has introduced a Law on Climate Change that is unique worldwide; it establishes targets for greenhouse gases reductions at the same level of developed countries despite being an emerging country. This reform represents a crucial challenge for the electrical and ...


Seven days: 5–11 September 2014

11-Sep-2014 | ;, Nature, 2014

Seven days: 5–11 September 2014 Nature 513, 7517 (2014). The week in science: NIH finds forgotten ricin, scientists discover massive dinosaur, and greenhouse gases hit record highs.


Long‐term exposure to elevated CO2 and O3 alters aspen foliar chemistry across developmental stages.

05-Sep-2013 | JJ COUTURE, LM HOLESKI, RL LINDROTH, Plant, Cell & Environment, 2013

Abstract Anthropogenic activities are altering levels of greenhouse gases to the extent that multiple and diverse ecosystem processes are being affected. Two gases that substantially influence forest health are atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) and tropospheric ozone (O3). Plant chemistry will ...


Joint CO2 and CH4 accountability for global warming [Sustainability Science]

30-Jul-2013 | Kirk R. Smith; Manish A. Desai; Jamesine V. Rogers; Richard A. Houghton, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2013

We propose a transparent climate debt index incorporating both methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. We develop national historic emissions databases for both greenhouse gases to 2005, justifying 1950 as the starting point for global perspectives. We include CO2 emissions from fossil ...


Wild weather can send greenhouse gases spiralling

11-Apr-2013 | Schiermeier, Quirin;, Nature, 2013

Wild weather can send greenhouse gases spiralling Nature 496, 7444 (2013). Author: Quirin Schiermeier Researchers get to grips with effects of heat, drought and storms on carbon ...


Energies, Vol. 6, Pages 1250-1265: Development of Specific Rules for the Application of Life Cycle Assessment to Carbon Capture and Storage

04-Mar-2013 | Strazza, Carlo ; Del Borghi, Adriana ; Gallo, Michela, Energies, 2013

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is a very innovative and promising solution for greenhouse gases (GHG) reduction, i.e., capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) at its source and storing it indefinitely to avoid its release to the atmosphere. This paper investigates a set of key issues in the development ...


Energies, Vol. 6, Pages 1217-1232: The Influence of Allocation on the Carbon Footprint of Electricity Production from Waste Gas, a Case Study for Blast Furnace Gas

01-Mar-2013 | Messagie, Maarten ; Boureima, Fayçal ; Mertens, Jan ; Sanfelix, Javier ; Macharis, Cathy ; Mierlo, Joeri Van, Energies, 2013

Producing electricity from waste gas is an after treatment for waste gas while recovering the energy content. This paper addresses the methodology to calculate the effect that waste gas energy recovery has on lowering the impact of climate change. Greenhouse gases are emitted while burning the ...


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