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The Mobile Element Locator Tool (MELT): population-scale mobile element discovery and biology [METHOD]

01-Nov-2017 | Eugene J. Gardner; Vincent K. Lam; Daniel N. Harris; Nelson T. Chuang; Emma C. Scott; W. Stephen Pittard; Ryan E. Mi ..., Genome Research, 2017

Mobile element insertions (MEIs) represent ~25% of all structural variants in human genomes. Moreover, when they disrupt genes, MEIs can influence human traits and diseases. Therefore, MEIs should be fully discovered along with other forms of genetic variation in whole genome sequencing (WGS) ...


In Vivo Transfection of Naked DNA into Xenopus Tadpole Tail Muscle

01-Nov-2017 | Lindsey Marshall; Fabrice Girardot; Barbara A. Demeneix; Laurent Coen, CSH Protocols, 2017

In vivo gene transfer systems are important to study foreign gene expression and promoter regulation in an organism, with the benefit of exploring this in an integrated environment. Direct injection of plasmids encoding exogenous promoters and genes into muscle has numerous advantages: the ...


Loss of the Caenorhabditis elegans pocket protein LIN-35 reveals MuvB's innate function as the repressor of DREAM target genes

01-Nov-2017 | Paul D. Goetsch; Jacob M. Garrigues; Susan Strome, PLoS Genetics, 2017

by Paul D. Goetsch, Jacob M. Garrigues, Susan Strome The DREAM (Dp/Retinoblastoma(Rb)-like/E2F/MuvB) transcriptional repressor complex acts as a gatekeeper of the mammalian cell cycle by establishing and maintaining cellular quiescence. How DREAM’s three functional components, the E2F-DP ...


Super-lncRNAs: identification of lncRNAs that target super-enhancers via RNA:DNA:DNA triplex formation [ARTICLE]

01-Nov-2017 | Benjamin Soibam, RNA, 2017

Super-enhancers are characterized by high levels of Mediator binding and are major contributors to the expression of their associated genes. They exhibit high levels of local chromatin interactions and a higher order of local chromatin organization. On the other hand, lncRNAs can localize to ...


Assessing the reliability of spike-in normalization for analyses of single-cell RNA sequencing data [RESEARCH]

01-Nov-2017 | Aaron T.L. Lun; Fernando J. Calero-Nieto; Liora Haim-Vilmovsky; Berthold Göttgens; John C. Marioni, Genome Research, 2017

By profiling the transcriptomes of individual cells, single-cell RNA sequencing provides unparalleled resolution to study cellular heterogeneity. However, this comes at the cost of high technical noise, including cell-specific biases in capture efficiency and library generation. One strategy for ...


Quantifying the regulatory effect size of cis-acting genetic variation using allelic fold change [METHOD]

01-Nov-2017 | Pejman Mohammadi; Stephane E. Castel; Andrew A. Brown; Tuuli Lappalainen, Genome Research, 2017

Mapping cis-acting expression quantitative trait loci (cis-eQTL) has become a popular approach for characterizing proximal genetic regulatory variants. In this paper, we describe and characterize log allelic fold change (aFC), the magnitude of expression change associated with a given genetic ...


Disease-specific biases in alternative splicing and tissue-specific dysregulation revealed by multitissue profiling of lymphocyte gene expression in type 1 diabetes [RESEARCH]

01-Nov-2017 | Newman, J. R. B., Conesa, A., Mika, M., New, F. N., Onengut-Gumuscu, S., Atkinson, M. A., Rich, S. S., McIntyre, L. ..., Genome Research, 2017

Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) have identified multiple, shared allelic associations with many autoimmune diseases. However, the pathogenic contributions of variants residing in risk loci remain unresolved. The location of the majority of shared disease-associated variants in noncoding ...


Identifying cis-mediators for trans-eQTLs across many human tissues using genomic mediation analysis [METHOD]

01-Nov-2017 | Yang, F., Wang, J., The GTEx Consortium, Pierce, B. L., Chen, L. S., Aguet, Ardlie, Cummings, Gelfand, Getz, Hadley, ..., Genome Research, 2017

The impact of inherited genetic variation on gene expression in humans is well-established. The majority of known expression quantitative trait loci (eQTLs) impact expression of local genes (cis-eQTLs). More research is needed to identify effects of genetic variation on distant genes ...


Detecting evolutionary forces in language change

01-Nov-2017 | Mitchell G. Newberry; Christopher A. Ahern; Robin Clark; Joshua B. Plotkin, Nature, 2017

Nature advance online publication 01 November 2017. doi:10.1038/nature24455 Authors: Mitchell G. Newberry, Christopher A. Ahern, Robin Clark & Joshua B. Plotkin Both language and genes evolve by transmission over generations with opportunity for differential replication of forms. The ...


High rate of translocation-based gene birth on the Drosophila Y chromosome [Evolution]

31-Oct-2017 | Ray Tobler; Viola Nolte; Christian Schlötterer, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2017

The Y chromosome is a unique genetic environment defined by a lack of recombination and male-limited inheritance. The Drosophila Y chromosome has been gradually acquiring genes from the rest of the genome, with only seven Y-linked genes being gained over the past 63 million years (0.12 gene gains ...


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